The Love Letter  


Author: LD
Word Count: Pt 1:  ~1545
Stargate Drabbles- Challenge 56: A team member gets an unexpected letter.  What is it?  Who is it from?  Does he/she share the information?  
Summary: Daniel gets a letter that Jack decides to read.
Rating: R
Category: Pre-slash, Humor
Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Sci Fi Channel, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions.  No copyright infringement whatsoever is intended. The story is for entertainment purposes only. The original characters, situations and story are mine. Please check with me first if you want to archive or link to this story.
Author note:  Thanks for the beta and the “oomph” review, Cheryl. Enjoy everyone!  J


The Love Letter

“Hey Daniel, wanna go to…  Daniel?”
Jack peeked into Daniel’s office and then around to the corner couch.  No Daniel, but oddly there was a letter lying on the couch.  Curiosity pushed Jack’s feet into Daniel’s office, then over to the couch to tower over the letter.
His eyes were then the next victim of curiosity as he soon found them traveling down to the letter, briefly scanning it, except it didn’t look like a normal letter.  A passing glance at a few words, quickly changed to reading a full sentence, which is when Jack’s eyes nearly popped out of his sockets as he snatched up the letter to confirm what he’d read. 

I dream of the moment my hands will flow down across your tone body and unbuckle those skin-tight pants to let my fingertips tantalize your heated, erect flesh, to wrap my hands around your engorged, pulsing manroot. 


Fantasizing of how my mouth will travel the same path, kissing and licking my way down to my prize for being so patient.  Tonight, my heart floats… 

I will finally get what I desi—


Yi-ii!  “Wha—oh, Daniel!”  Jack quickly turned to face Daniel while passing the letter to the hand behind his back.

“H-hey, what are you doing here?” 

“I work here.  This is MY office.” Daniel’s eyes centered on the hand wrapped around Jack’s back, pointing a finger toward it.  “What’ve you got there?”

“This? Oh uh, this was just… just, um it was just…”  Jack let the letter fall back to the couch.

Daniel’s arms crossed as the letter came into view drifting down behind Jack.  “On my couch, maybe?  Where I left it?”

Oh boy, Daniel looks angry.  “Yeah, look, I’m sorry.  I had no right to read that.  It’s obviously for you.”

“So you read it, huh?”

“Uh, yeah, I did,” Jack answered with chagrin.

Daniel’s anger faded and a smile formed in its place. “Pretty impressive, huh?  Teal’c’s really making some progress.” 

What did he just say?!?!  “D-did you just say Teal’c wrote that?”

“Yeah, you said you read it… so you would know that, Jack.  So, what d’ya think?” 

Daniel pointed toward the letter with… optimism on his face?  What’s going on here?  “What do I think, what do you think?”  Jack was starting to feel sick.  What he thought he thought couldn’t be right.

“Me?  Oh, well I thought this attempt was a lot better than the first two times.”

“T-the first two… he’s tried this before?”

“Uh huh, but this one really shows he’s put his heart into it.  Really getting a handle on things.  I’m deeply impressed that he’s so eager to learn new Earth customs and he’s really becoming an adept student.”

“That’s one way to put it.”  Jack looked around the office then muttered, “manroot.”


“Nothing.  Daniel, now that I know about Teal’c and… and you, I’m obligated to do something about this.”

“Yeah okay, so wanna help?”

“H-help?”  Jack squeaked. “How help?  I mean,” he cleared his throat, “help how?” Jack hoped to hell he was getting this wrong.

“His skill, Jack, his practice, if you want to get involved I don’t mind.  He’s very open at showing his appreciation.  I think Teal’c would be all for it as well.”

Jack sighed in dismay.  It was what he thought and that was a very bad thought.  Daniel and Teal’c were his friends and he’d wish them all the happiness in the world, but they were on a team, a very specialized valuable military team and this was so wrong. 

“Daniel…”  Jack fidgeted with his jacket zipper while clearing his throat.  This wasn’t going to be easy.  “I’ll admit you’re not an…” he took in a deep breath, “an unattractive man.”

“What?”  What did you—?”

“Just-just hear me out.”  Jack waved a hand in front of him to keep Daniel from speaking just yet; he had to do this at one time.  Now.  At this time.  “It’s obvious that a lot of um …people think you’re hot stuff.  Just ask any nurse around here or any female on any planet anywhere in this galaxy… or in any multiverse… anywhere…”   

“Jack, what the hell?  Are you coming onto me?” Daniel questioned, eyeing his friend nervously.

Me-eee?  No, but I had no idea Teal’c felt that way about you and you’ve been encouraging this!” 

“Teal’c?  You think I’ve been encouraging Teal’c?” 

“Look Daniel, I’m not into that kinda thing, but I can see how Teal’c could find you… appealing.  From his letter to you it’s blatantly obvious that he wants you and I’m not even gonna ask about how you might feel about him.  So this is probably hard for you to hear but you have to end this before it gets out because if it ever did there would be hell to pay.  Really, I shouldn’t have to tell you that, but love can be blinding.”

Daniel stared at Jack, and then dropped to his bench.  “Jack, that is so wrong.”

“I knew it would be hard for you to hear.  I have no idea how far you two have gotten involved but this ends now!”  Jack couldn’t believe this had been going on without his knowledge but knew how dangerous it was, not to mention weird as hell. 

“I can’t believe you said that,” Daniel replied.  “That you could even think that.”

A twitch started on the side of Daniel’s mouth and his face began to turn red as he tried to keep in his emotions.  He had to turn away and wrap his arms around his head, burying it in his desk. 

Jack watched his friend cry earnestly, head bent into his folded arms.  He was feeling the anguish of the situation building inside him as well and could understand the reaction.  He had no idea how he’d react if Teal’c had expressed any kind of desire for him, but worse, a deep sexual desire like that.  Shuddering at the image of a towering wall of a Jaffa offering him a bouquet of roses and chocolates gazing upon him from head to toe with near drooling lust, awkward and downright terrifying was merely the tip of the iceberg. 

Daniel’s wailing became more vocalized and it pulled at Jack’s heartstrings.  He moved over and placed a comforting hand on Daniel’s shoulder.  “It’ll be okay.  If you think Teal’c hearing it from both of us would help, then I’m here to help.”

Daniel leaned up quickly, wiping tear streaks from his cheek.  “What’d you say?” 

Jack, filled with sympathy, kneeled down to get eye level with Daniel.  “I said I wanna help you.  So you can explain things to Teal’c.” He spoke softly, squeezing Daniel’s knee in support.

Daniel placed a hand over his mouth.  He looked like he wanted to heave.  Jack grabbed the waste basket nearby and held it up for him.

Upon seeing Jack lifting the waste basket to him and the deep concern in his face, Daniel arched back, nearly toppling off the bench… laughing hysterically.  “Me and Teal’c!  You thought me and Teal’c were— and the letter he wrote... to me!  Bwahahahahahaaa!”

Jack dropped the waste basket hard on the floor. “What the heck, Daniel?  This is no laughing matter.”  He grasped both of Daniel’s arms and shook him. “Teal’c needs your understanding here!”  

Daniel stopped laughing to look at Jack, who was scowling at him with concern etched in his eyes.  Daniel was also reading a great deal of confusion on his friend’s face as well and this just started him laughing again. 

Jack felt like smacking his hysterical friend across the face.  He was obviously in shock. 

Daniel kept trying to point toward the couch and finally succeeded in forming words along with the pointing. 

“Jack, the top of the letter...”  Snort!  “Read it.”

Jack was beyond confused and annoyed at Daniel’s behavior but moved away to grab the letter again.

Daniel Jackson, I am appreciative of you critiquing me on the language of the Tau’ri. 
I trust my typing skills have improved since the last time.  Please inform me of my progress.      

Typing skills?  “Okaaaaay, I’m a little confused by what he wrote.”

Daniel regained control of his giggling, if only just, and sucked in a breath.  “He’s been reading Harlequin romance novels and has been practicing his typing with his latest story.”

Jack remained motionless while Daniel became the victim of another fit of the chuckles.  He then let the culprit letter glide from his hands back down to the couch.  “Oh.”  Oh boy.  He casually placed his hands in his pockets then slowly turned to face Daniel. “So, lunch?” 

Daniel wiped the rest of the tears from his eyes and stood up.  “Sure.” 

Jack hadn’t seen his friend laugh so hard since… well he couldn’t think of another time, except when Daniel had gotten drunk, which was too long ago to recall.  

Daniel walked out with Jack, closing his door behind them.  “Sam and T are gonna love to hear about this.”    

Oh shit!  “Daniel,” Jack stopped Daniel by clasping his arm in a death grip, turning to face him, “let’s make a deal.”

Daniel crossed his arms and then cocked his head with a knowing smirk, “I’m listening.”


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