Author: Amberfly.
Challenge: A team member gets an unexpected letter. 
Title: Tears and Friendship.
Category: General.
Words: 420
Warnings: None.
Feedback: yes, please.


The November day dawned cold and miserable, and looking around her house Sam's lips twitched with dissatisfaction. "Holy Hannah! This is it? This is all you have? A fruit bowl with two plastic apples, a photo frame showing another's family, and a useless clock that always runs fifteen minutes late? This is what you have to show for your life?" The irony of her mood matching the rainy day wasn't lost on Sam.

Throwing herself onto her sofa tugging the soft pink-checked afghan up to her chin, Sam wriggled into its folds and listened as the rain tumbled from the sky. "Rain, rain, go away, come and play another day." The old nursery rhyme reminded her of her mother, and closing her eyes briefly, felt a sudden stab of grief. Today was special. Today was the anniversary of her mother's death, and the feeling of old hurt made it difficult for Sam to breathe. "Hey, Mom, love you, miss you." Swiping away tears, she wrinkled her nose unable to stop the constant run of sneezes and sniffles. Grabbing a glass of water while popping more Tylenol, she whispered to herself that she was so pathetic; she didn't even have anyone to say bless. Her mood darkened as the clouds gathered and rolled across the winter sky

Sam had spent so long saving the world; she'd forgotten how to save herself.

On the coffee table next to her feet lay her unopened mail and eyeing them with disinterest, she reached out a foot scattering them onto the floor. "Bills? Junk mail? You and the rain can both just go away!" Folding her legs underneath her, she continued listening to the rain while crying softly. Miserable, lonely and sick, Sam just wanted the horrible day to be done.

Familiar handwriting on one of envelopes she'd knocked to the floor stared back at her, and she reaching down, she snatched it up with a bad tempered growl. "Daniel? You are writing me letters now? Like we don't spend enough time together you couldn't tell me what you wanted?" Tearing open the envelope, she shook the letter open and read it slowly, her eyes blinded with tears.

Dear Sam, I know how hard this day must be for you. I am thinking of you, and if you need to talk, pick up the phone and I'm there. Love you. Daniel.

Folding the letter and holding it against her cheek, Sam caught her breath and cried a little more.

The End

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