A Lesson Learned - Jack and a rookie both learn a valuable lesson.


Stop Along the Way - A diner in the middle of nowhere offers more than a resting place, and a hot coffee.


A Texan Heart - A tribute to Don S Davis


The Cabin - The calls of the loons had been his favorite noise in the whole wide world - the vapors rising from the waters in the early morning as they made their first plaintive cries etched in his memory for ever.


Water Buddy - Sam’s memories help her to remember.


A Hero is Born - Felgar saves the day in a most unusual way.

Memories - He looked into his child’s face and comforted him, the love he felt for the small boy threatening to overwhelm him. “Daddy will keep you safe, Charlie, I promise!”


Dark and Light - missing scene for Demons. Jack talks about SG-1 and the terror they faced.

Unending -A challenge fic for the Stargate Drabble Group- What if Jack had been on the Odyssey instead of Landry?


Tears and Friendship - It's a tough day for Sam, and she needs her friends.

The Devil you Know - Jack talks late one night.

 Another Day in Paradise – Missing scene for “Paradise Lost”.

The Bond – A rare Christmas time spent at home with his young family, Jack remembers an old friend.

Caught! – Jack is captured and things are looking grim.

Tears and Friendship – It’s been a hard day for Sam, and at home, she just wants it to all go away.

Kid fic

Beans - "For an inside toy," he overheard Edna say, "Beans spends a lot of time outside." Introducing Daniel and his best ever friend, Beans the Bear.


Puddles and Hope - Part One. Daniel watches the rainfall and Jack’s helps him realize what’s important.

Dancing in the Rain - Part 2 of Puddles and Hope. A new start is made for Daniel and Jack.


The Wishing Tree - "You know, Jack, it could be the Kalpataru, the wishing tree. It's a magical tree from Hindu mythology," Daniel lectured cheerfully. These words would come back to haunt SG-1 before the day had set.

3am - It’s three in the morning and a little boy is wide awake.


A Tale to Tell - SG-1 meet someone who changes all their lives forever.


I Can Share - Daniel is one gift Jack has all to himself.

A Simple Belief  - SG-1 has been roaming the universe, desperate to find one of their own. What they find both fills them with joy while breaking their hearts. Will bringing their lost teammate home be successful? Or will circumstances once again conspire against them.

To Dream of a Nightmare - Loki made a terrible trade and as a result, a small life hangs in the balance.


Teal'c and the Tot - Daniel loses something very precious and Teal'c makes himself a vow to find it.

Friends - Daniel finds a most surprising friend!


Captures - Jack is captured

A Summer’s Afternoon – A summer’s day and Daniel wants to play!

Regrets – Jack’s old friend is dying and Daniel wants to say goodbye…

Friends – Daniel finds a most surprising friend!

Dan & Cam

A New Beginning – Once upon a time there were two men. Doctor Daniel Jackson and Colonel Cameron Mitchell were teammates on the SGC’s flagship team SG-1. Jack O’Neill likened them to brothers-in arms but little did he know how true that comment would one day become!

A Family Secret – Cammie’s brother makes an appearance and decides he wants custody of his late brother’s child. The secrets and the old hurts this demand causes danger for the boys and a world of hurt for Jack.


I is for Intuition – Thoughts and dreams of long ago cause Sara to smile.

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