Master Of The Seas

Rated: Explicit sex


I never really considered myself a sailor or a lover of water - the geographical kind, you understand. I'd grown up surrounded by dessert terrain. Even the Nile was a place that I rarely had any connection with. Travelling the world to various digs and universities never really brought me to explore oceans or rivers. Some archaeologists reveled in the deep sea finds, but not I. Then I went to work at the heart of a mountain. And water wove its way into my existence.

People think that I do not know how to relax. They see me as the geeky academic with on outside interests. Anyone who knows me and has been to my home, knows about my love for playing the piano and, when I get the opportunity, I sometimes play ice hockey, although Jack has curbed my visits to the rink to play with the locals due to my, what did he call it, excessive linguistic skills. Anyway, I know how to relax.

Through one Jack O'Neill, I became acquainted with the relaxing art of fishing.

Some see fishing as essentially a lonely pursuit. Not much talking as one sits or stands with a rod, in an island of solitude waiting for that elusive crappy. But Jack sees it as a bonding session. But, we'd already done the bonding thing over many years, through dying, crying, laughing and, finally, loving together.

His valiant attempts to lure me to the water failed, until he got himself a boat. I say boat but I mean yacht. Having done nothing for the last decade but serve his country, with very little time off or vacationing, Jack had been saving for this beauty for some time and through canny investing before the crash, had amounted a tidy sum. Despite all the 'pond with no fish' talk, Jack longed to become master of the seas.

"Destiny, Daniel"

"Destiny, Jack?"

Where was I? Yes, master of the seas. But, according to Jack, to become that, he also needed a cabin boy. I raised my eyebrows at the term, but went along with it. After all, I could be his cabin boy, if he would be my 'master'.

The yacht was an 82 foot long classic with 3 master bedrooms, enough for one's friends and team members, and two guest cabins, to invite others, such as one's niece and a general in charge of homeworld security. A steal at a quarter of a million dollars, my master claimed, putting a finger on my chin to lift my dropping jaw.

According to Jack, there were galleys galore and wet bars enough to keep a cabin boy busy if he did not want to partake in the fish-ing. However, according to the master of the seas, the clincher was the Jacuzzi at the stern of the yacht.

So, here I am, basking in the sunshine off the coast of California. Lying on the deck as the gentle waves...

"Enterprise? Intrepid? Excelsior? Voyager?"

"Jack, can't you be a little more imaginative than to rattle off the names of all the ships in Star Trek?"

Jack's insistence on renaming his yacht after some iconic ship from TV would be disturbing, were it not for the fact that he is only doing it to get a reaction.

"I'll have you know, cabana boy, these are names of genuine naval ships."

Cabana boy? I let that one go.

"Millennium Falcon? Firefly?"

"Firefly wasn't even the name of the ship, Jack."

Jack turned in the Jacuzzi to face me. "Not the name of the ship? Daniel? Have you been keeping secrets from me?"

Busted! Unlike Jack, I quite like Science Fiction. Quite a lot of shows and novels lend themselves to mythology, something I am interested in. Not wanting to go down this road with Jack right now, I turned away from writing in my journal. Turning onto my hands and knees, I crawled over to the lip of the whirlpool bath.

I see his pupils dilate as I approach. As I reach him, he tilts his head toward mine and I give him a gentle kiss on the lips. It is then that I notice he is naked and my bathing suit becomes extremely tight. Tilting his head to the side, Jack eyes my ever increasing package. "Not keeping secrets from me now, are you." he purrs, a statement, not a question.

Licking my lips, I peer into the swirling water. "Seems that shrinkage is not a secret you're experiencing either, Jack"

As Jack leans toward me to kiss me once more, I lean back onto one hip and show him the goods. Jack's beautiful brown eyes are practically on stalks. He reaches out one hand to touch and just as his hand skims the top of my trunks, I catch it with mine and place it back in the water, teasing the top of his cock, which is remarkably close to the surface of the whirling water. He gasps, then growls, while at the same time, I lean back on my shoulders and lift my hips to slowly inch the offending article off my hips and down to my knees. In turn, I gasp as my cock springs free.

Kicking them free of my ankles, I swing my legs into the swirling water. Jack approaches me, going onto his knees, the only time it is comfortable of him in the buoyancy of water. Saying nothing, he opens his sinfully talented mouth and before he can engulf my waiting cock, he exclaims "Ooh...".

I raise my eyebrows questioningly.

"Um... one of the water jets... er... my hole"

I throw my head back and laugh. Trust Jack to find a new way to become 'excited'.

But, my laughter quickly turns to a moan as I am swallowed whole and blown out to sea.


We have both crawled out onto the deck to calm and dry off. Naked sunbathing is so sexy. Jack tried to persuade me to blow him under the water while one of the water jets 'blew' him, but I declined on health grounds. Death by drowning never appealed.

My lover turns to me, "Orgasmic."

I am surprised Jack is still coherent after I rimmed him on the deck.

"Mmm - yes it was." I answer, lying back to rest my head on his thigh.

"No, Daniel, the yacht."

Tilting my head to give him my most disbelieving look, I see him grinning.

Could be worse, he could want to call it Sea Monkey.


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