Three Against One



    Sam and Teal’c assisted him up and Jack could swear he heard both knees crack. Another conformation that he was too old to be running around possessed by alien baddies, amongst other things of course.
    “Okay.” He said simply, clapping his hands together with a smug smile on his face. “Carter lets open up the base, I think we all need a vacation.”
    “Yes sir.” Sam smiled and immediately left the ‘gate room to work on unlocking the base.
    Jack watched her leave before turning to face Teal’c. He was standing in his usual self-important pose, hands clasped tight behind his back. Indicating Teal’c to join him Jack left on Carter’s heels.
    Once inside his office, having parted with Teal’c on the stairs after explaining he wanted him to head up a security team to round up personnel, Jack sank, quite literary, into his chair. First major crisis had been averted, now all he had to do was await the next one. He had a feeling with the way things were going so far under his command they wouldn’t have to wait long.

    Teal’c, having gathered a select few, was now making his way through the halls with his security team. The SF’s in the apparently, ‘not so secure’ computer room that Sam had zatted were a little dazed, but other than that the base had faired pretty well. So far everything seemed to be running smoothly. That was until Teal’c happened upon one recently wounded DanielJackson.
    Teal’c was approaching him from behind when Daniel swayed and lashed out, palm flat to the wall, trying to maintain his balance. The action wasn’t working as well as needed for Daniel and it appeared the best he could hope for was a little gentler landing.
    Just as Daniel had accepted his fate, and braced for impact he found large arms encircling his chest and pulling him upright once more. Struggling to maintain full consciousness Daniel looked out through blurry vision and discovered Teal’c looking back at him.
    “It is I DanielJackson. You appear to be unwell.” Daniel made a ‘well duh’ remark in his head, but restrained himself from vocalising it.
    “I’m a little dizzy Teal’c.” Daniel heard his slurred voice and sensed, more than felt, his eyes lids sliding shut. He fleetingly wondered just what fate his glasses had met since he quite obviously wasn’t wearing them. An odd thought to have at such a time, but then Daniel had always considered himself a little to the left of normal.
    “So I see.” Was all Teal’c could say to that. He was unsure what could possibly have been the cause of Daniel’s current state, but had no doubt the best place for him right now would be the infirmary.
    “I’ll be alright. Just need a minute.” Daniel tried to lower himself to the floor to sit down, but found the imposing strength of the Jaffa holding him prevented him from doing just that.
    “Remaining here would not be wise, you require medical assistance.” Teal’c didn’t wait for a reply. As far as he was concerned Daniel was not functioning at full capacity and therefore didn’t have any say about what he was about to do. He lifted Daniel up at the waist, slinging him over one shoulder to hold him securely by the legs. Teal’c thought he might have heard a petulant whine of protest, but it was half hearted at best, so chose to completely ignore it. 

    Jack was making his way to meet with Dr Brightman. Feeling rather pleased with himself that his ploy of an indefinite lockdown pushed Anubis to act, and in time for the 24-hour deadline to boot. Of course Jack didn’t really give a rats ass about the President’s deadline, he was as keen to get out of the mountain as the next man. He didn’t get to see his ex-teammates, his friends, much now that he was a General and running things, he’d gotten to see them even less over the lockdown period, and they definitely needed some reconnecting time. He owed Daniel some TLC that’s for sure, after having been forced to shoot him in the ‘gate room. He knew he was going to feel a tad guilty about that one for a while. Jack was well aware of the irony that for the past eight years he had fussed over and been overly obsessed about Daniel’s safety, pointedly threatening any team that borrowed him to return him in the same condition as they took him or suffer the consequences. And what does he does he do? He shoots the man in front of the whole SGC.
    The doors opened on the infirmary level and no sooner had he exited the car he was faced with Teal’c, with a very familiar lump slung over his left shoulder. 
    “Oh for cryin’ out loud! What happened to him now?” 

    “What happened to you?” Jack demanded, entering the infirmary to visit Daniel yet again.
    Jack noticed Sam was already at Daniel’s bedside, ready to stick up for him no doubt. Teal’c was there too, but since Jack had ordered Teal’c to remain in the infirmary till Daniel was conscious again, that was no surprise.
    “I was shot.” Daniel replied testily. Nursing his bad arm, which appeared to be looking a little more swollen than the last time he’d seen him.
    “Again?” Jack asked in disbelief.
    Daniel was less than amused with Jack blatantly taunting him. Had this been any other situation he would have gotten up and walked out at this point. However, he was still a little dizzy from being zatted and decided to remain in his half sitting, half slouching position so as not to fall flat on his face.
    Jack shoved his hands into his pockets and rocked back onto his heels.  Projecting an air of casualness to offset the worry that had been scrolling through his mind, wondering what the hell was wrong with Daniel and slightly panicked it had had something to do with the injury Jack himself had caused.  
    “So I know I didn’t do it, who did?”  
    Sam clears her throat. Daniel’s electric blue eyes shoot daggers in her direction. Jack quickly catches on.
    “Carter, did you Zat Daniel?” There was a hint of pride in Jack’s voice that Daniel did not like.
    “Apparently Sir.” Sam replied coyly, offering an apologetic smile at Daniel.
    “Well I can certainly understand the urge. Hell I’ve wanted to do it for years…” Daniel slid his death stare around to Jack. Had it been Teal’c he might have been slightly fearful.  Coming from Daniel though, looking the way he was - no glasses, ruffled hair, the works - Jack couldn’t smoother the grin fast enough.
    “I’m really sorry Daniel. I’m glad you’re okay, sorry it got you stuck here though.” Sam apologised for the hundredth time since arriving in the infirmary.
    “That’s okay, besides, it just means I’ll have the excuse to shoot either of you should I feel the need.” Daniel softened slightly, but he was still sulking evidently, and, Jack noted, apparently hadn’t forgotten about his own faux pas.
    “Hey, Teal’c zatted you to! Why isn’t he feeling the wrath?” Now that was a death stare! Jack was confident that Teal’c’s glare could have quite possibly killed a lesser man.
    “You’ve all shot me?!” Daniel’s voice got slightly frantic, he was still a little hazy on the details of the ‘gate room incident which laid him up in the first place.
    “Believe me Daniel, shooting you was not an easy thing to do. But we had to do something and I figured an injured arm was going to be better than a second Zat blast.” Jack finally admitted.
    “So let me get this straight, in the past month I’ve been taken over by an evil ex-corporal ex-system lord, zatted by two of my friends – not for the first time,” Daniel eyed Teal’c remembering another occasion when the Jaffa had zatted him ‘for his own good’ as he had put it then. “And received a bullet in the arm by another!” He’d completely overlooked the point Jack was trying to make about the second Zat blast.
    All three said friends were standing around his infirmary bed with guilty looks on their faces.
    “I do remember asking you never to do that again by the way.” To his credit Teal’c didn’t flinch under the scrutiny.
    “How are we doing Dr Jackson?” Dr Brightman had crossed over the infirmary once she heard her patient’s anxious tone.
    “He going to be alright?” Jack actually sounded earnest in his inquiry, making Daniel feel bad for the pout he was sure he was sporting.
    “He’s going to be fine. Nothing more than a little vertigo, most likely caused by multiple Zat blasts in a short period of time and the fact he’s still recovering from the gunshot wound.” She broke eye contact with Jack and looked to Daniel. Something Daniel would be eternally grateful to her for since it relayed the feeling that Jack was not his keeper and he did in fact have free will when it came to his own well being. “You’re free to leave when you’re ready Dr Jackson, just take it easy.”
    The Doctor left with a mild smile and continued on with her work, seeing to other patients. Daniel wasn’t the only who had been mistreated over the course of the last few days, although, she contemplated, he had had more than his fair share.
    “We’ll be off Daniel. I’ll pop by your office later to see if you’re okay.” Sam patted his hand and began to walk away, Teal’c falling into step with her.
    Oh great, now Daniel was feeling guilty. Sam hadn’t meant to Zat him anymore than he’d intended to shoot the members of SG11 in the ‘gate room. If he was determined not to feel guilty about that then Sam shouldn’t feel guilty about him.
    “Just don’t come armed.” The remark could either have hit its intended mark and made her laugh or would be way off base making matters ten times as complicated. Luckily for him it was the former.
    “I promise Daniel.”
    “As do I DanielJackson.”
    With that both left, leaving him alone with Jack.
    “You know when I took on this job as General I had several reservations about your safety in the field.” Jack approached his bed, resting his palms flat on the sheets, looking directly at Daniel.
    “Really?” Daniel said in mock surprise. Jack had discussed the very issue with Sam, as Daniel knew he would, and Sam had spilled to him, as he knew she would. They were as predictable as lemming’s sky diving off a cliff. The fact that Jack was confessing did have Daniel wondering why however.
    “After what’s happened recently I think I’ve got more than your safety in the field to worry about.” He admitted sullenly.
    “I’m fine.” Daniel answered nonchalantly, and it was the truth, he wasn’t lying on this occasion.
    “You could’ve died Daniel. Teal’c, he zatted you first but you didn’t go down straight away, the charge got spread between you and Williams, anyway you went for the gun again. If I hadn’t had pulled that trigger Teal’c would have had to.” Jack hoped to god it was registering this time. He didn’t have the patience for ‘Daniel the Clueless’.
    “Wow.” Daniel whispered, the realisation smacking him right between the eyes. Even after everything, the radiation poisoning, ascension and de-ascension, he was just always two Zat blasts away from death and considering how trigger happy his friends had been with him lately, that wasn’t very far at all.



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