Zatted. Again.


Daniel found himself back in the infirmary once again.  And once again he realised it was because of a Zat.  He was beginning to wonder if he wasn’t starting to carry a permanent electrical charge considering how many times he’d been shot in the last few months. 
    "Kidnapped, Daniel?"  Daniel heard Jack before he actually saw him, the trademark bellowing of his name was hard to mistake.  "We've talked about this."  Jack said with fake calmness as he bore down on Daniel still sitting on the infirmary bed.
    Sam had remained with him while he got checked out but Daniel noticed the minute Jack came stomping towards them she backed herself into the next cubical area, therefore remaining relatively out of sight of the mad man now looming over him.
    Daniel was well aware of his defeatist body language.  Eyes averted, shoulders hunched, he just wasn’t sure what it was about Jack that brought the little boy out in him.  "Jack I'm fine, I handled it." 
    "You got zatted!  Again!"  The yelling was, if it was scientifically possible, getting even louder.
    "I'm not doing it on purpose if that's what you’re insinuating."  The remark was meant to sound sarcastic, but came out as rather a meek protest.  It didn't help that Jack was more pissed off than he usually was when being left out of the action.
    "Daniel, it seems it's every other mission that you get hurt.  I tell ya, I'm this close to grounding you”, Jack showed his fingers only inches apart, “and fitting another desk in my office since you obviously can't be left alone with out getting yourself involved with the NID."  Oh so that was it, Jack was going for the melodramatic approach.  It made for a nice change Daniel thought sarcastically.
    "The NID Daniel!"
    "They go by 'The Trust' now." Jack speared him with a glare.  "Just...thought you, should...never mind."  Daniel focused his attention else where.
    "Oh For Cryin' Out Loud!"  Jack started to pace, ranting to himself and looking generally unstable.  "I've been trying to protect you from these people for the past I don't know how many years."  Jack threw his arms up as if asking the gods, false or otherwise, ‘why him?’ 
    "Erm...protect?"  Now Daniel was the one to be more than a little ticked, which only firmed his resolve to stand up to Jack on the issue.  He may have needed Jack’s protection in the beginning, but surely after eight years he'd proved he could handle things on his own.  Though, on this occasion, he had to admit he had a major lapse in judgment.
    "Yes Daniel, protect.  As in 'to keep safe'."  Jack enunciated sternly. 
    Daniel opened his mouth to respond, got as far as taking a breath before Jack cut in again.
    "And here you are, the minute they try and get you off on your own...just why did you do that by the way?" 
    "Because they told me to."  Daniel replied as if it were obvious.
    "Because they told you to."  Jack mimicked patronisingly.  "Great, just great, yet when I," he poked his chest, hard, "tell you to do something..."
    "Jack, c’mon you know why.  They said they knew about Teal'c, we needed to find out.  I thought it was the right thing to do."  Silence fell between them.  When Jack was silent Daniel got nervous.  "And besides, it worked out."  He only half believed it himself, letting out a small self conscious chuckle to prove it.
    Jack, almost vibrating with rage at Daniel’s stupidity, waved a pointed finger at him.  "This isn't over Daniel.  I swear the minute - the minute, you are discharged from here I want you in my office.  We're going to have a little chat."  Through out the whole speech Daniel had been feeling like a chastised child, but that last sentence, said with a hint of a smile behind it, felt like the calm before the storm. A time to panic if ever there was one.
    "I think I'm in trouble."  Daniel remarked glibly, watching Jack stomp out of the infirmary, still muttering and cursing Daniel's name under his breath.
    Sam, feeling Daniel's pain, offered the only response she could under the circumstances.  "Ya think?"



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