At the End of the Day – Tag to “Past and Present”. Daniel’s mad at the world. Jack gets to break up the fight.


The Bizarre Effects of Radiation Sickness – “Crystal Skull” tag. Jack, Daniel, Sam and the rest of the episode.


Blame it on the Voodoo – A little tag for “Legacy” and beyond up to the end of S3. Jack, Daniel and the elephant in the room.


Broca’s Legacy – As it turns out not everyone was back to normal after being affected by the Touched virus.


Broca’s Legacy – The Continuation – Daniel faces the prospect of permanence. He doesn’t handle it as well as he would like.


Claiming the Beautiful Distraction – A sequel to Lady D’s “A Beautiful Distraction”


Deal with the Devil – What happened once SG-1 got home from their mission to Euronda.


Freedom – What happened immediately after Jack and Sam entered the tent at the end of “Forever in a Day”


A Friend in Need, A Friend in Deed – Jack’s thoughts during SG-1′s first over night mission after Daniel’s sarcophagus addiction.


The Games People Play – We fool ourselves into thinking we’re okay when we’re not, that we have dealt with our past when we haven’t.  Daniel’s recreation in the Game Keeper’s virtual world raises some questions amongst his team.  Tag for season two episode “Gamekeeper”.


Life All Over Again – Tag to “Fallen” & “Homecoming”. Daniel’s journey to self rediscovery and all the stress on the way.


The Light at the End of the Tunnel – Jack, Daniel and Sam stuck in the palace from “The Light”.


The Long Way Home – A tag for “The First Ones”. The team’s journey home.


Lucky Enough – “Jack’s face fell along with Daniel’s facade that this was somehow amusing. The words ‘Mackenzie’s an ass’ rolling in a continuous loop in his mind didn’t stem the anger Jack was struggling to conceal.” Jack and Daniel find the time. Set in season three after “Legacy”.


No Time Like the Present – Jack reflecting on a mission gone tits up


Not Alone – Daniel’s having nightmares after being exposed to the memory recall device on Oannes. Tag for season one episode “Fire and Water”.


A Pause in the Game – Jack’s thoughts while SG-1 are  held prisoner at the virtual SGC in “The Gamekeeper”.


Quick Fix – Daniel decides he doesn’t want to wait to be part of SG-1, so when the Tok’ra make him an offer to restore his missing memories… well he’d be crazy to say no. Set early S7.


Relative Pain – Jack talks to Daniel about Nick.  Tag for season three episode “Crystal Skull”. Leads up to “Nemesis”.


Small Victories, Big Understanding – Tag to “Small Victories”. Jack explains why it was a good thing Daniel stayed behind.


Squirrelly?! – Small tag for “Icon”. Daniel’s return to the SGC.


Three Against One – They all shot him! Tag for season eight episode “Lockdown”


Zatted. Again. – Tag for “Affinity”; Kidnapped and Zatted all in one afternoon.


Little Difference – Response to a challenge; after “Past and Present” the SGC now have the Vorlix compound that de-aged everyone on Vyus. What if the NID get hold of it and give it to SG-1 who lose roughly twenty years off their lives?

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