The Joys of Youth

By Cancer

"Well isn't this just peachy! What did I tell you not to do, Daniel!"

"I just brushed it with my finger Jack! I didn't actually touch it!"

"Daniel, YOU, just brushing the Doohicky some how activated it! There was a whoosh, a blinding light and presto, you are now about 16 and I'm 21ish again.So, tell me, Boy Genius, what do we do now!!"

Daniel looked down at the object that seemed to have done whatever it had been created to do and now rested silently in his hand. He looked up at the still seething Jack and gave a soft, almost silent sigh. "I have no idea what to do now, Jack. The language written on it is the Ancient language and I will need sometime to translate it." He held up his free hand as Jack made to interrupt him, "Jack, until we know what it says, I have no idea how to get us back to our normal age. Look all we can do is contact Sam and Teal'c, then head back to the Gate and get this back to base, so I can start working on the translation."

Jack stalked out of the building they had been investigating before the fountain of youth effect had struck them. Why did these things always seem to happen, why! Oh yes, it was the trouble magnet following behind him, that was why. Outside he activated his radio. "Carter, Report."


Jack counted to ten, then depressed the button on the radio. "Yes, Carter, it's me. I know I sound a little different. All will become clear when you see us. Daniel and I are headed back to the Gate. We had a little incident with a Ancient Doohicky. Pack up your toys and meet us there."

There was a pause, then Sam's voice answered. "Roger that, Sir. Meet you at the Gate in 20."

Jack turned to the youth stood next to him. Geez how could anyone look so impossibly young! Heaven help them when they got back to base. They were going to be beating not just the women back, but some of the men as well! He gave Daniel a pat on the shoulder. "Ok, let's move. Can't wait to see how Carter will react. I reckon Teal'c's eyebrow will reach the stratosphere."

10 minutes into the walk a wide grin came over Jack's face. Daniel gave him an enquiring look.

"Knees." Jack waved his hands, indicating his meaning.

"And, so?"

"Don't hurt, don't creak. Youth Doohicky fixed 'em" His smile grew wider. For the first time in just over 20 years his knees were totally pain free.

"Ah," was Daniel's response.

Jack cast an enquiring look at Daniel. "You?"

Daniel shook his head. "Nah, unfortunately by 16 my allergies and need for glasses were firmly established. So, no advantages for me."



They crested a small hill and could see Sam and Teal'c waiting for them by the Gate. As they drew closer they could see the puzzled then incredulous look on Sam's face. As Jack predicted Teal'c's eyebrow rose to new heights. They strode up to beside the other two and Sam stammered, "Sir? Daniel?"

Jack gave her a grin. "Yep"

Sam flicked her gaze between the two of them. "What happened?"

"Daniel touched a doohicky. There was a whoosh, a flash of light and presto you see before you the new improved us."

Daniel pulled the object from his pack and handed it to Sam. As she studied it he told her what he had so far come up with. "From the writing on it, it's definitely an Ancient device. What it was used for and why, I still don't know. I'm hoping that once we get it back I will be able to translate it"

Sam looked up and tried not to react when she saw a teenager looking back at her. "A weapon for sorts?" She asked.

"Why, for what reason?" Daniel replied. Before Sam could respond Jack jumped in. "Enough kids! You can continue this back at base. Daniel dial us home."

Well, Jack thought as SG1 walked through the event horizon, it was worth being whammed by the Doohicky just to watch as George's jaw dropped to the floor.

"Colonel, Dr Jackson?"

"Oh yes, General, indeed we are!"

"Care to explain, Colonel?"

"Daniel found a new toy he just had to touch..."

"Brushed!" Came the mutter beside him, which Jack chose to ignore.

He continued to explain to the General with a wave of his hand, "Whoosh, light, new improved versions."

Hammond's mouth twitched as he contained his chuckle. It was, from the expressions on the men's faces, no laughing matter. "Get checked out at the infirmary. Debriefing in 30 minutes. He watched as SG1 left the Gate Room, Major Carter and Teal'c hovering protectively behind the two young men. George reckoned that if he had hair when he taken this posting he would have lost it all just through the antics and actions of his premier team. He gave a heavy sigh and headed for the Briefing room. Just once he would like to face a normal run of the mill briefing, but this was SG1 and they didn't know what normal was.

Hammond's gazed at the two men sat side by side, looking exhausted, at the briefing table. Dr Fraiser's tests had confirmed that they were indeed Colonel Jonathon 'Jack' O'Neill and Dr Daniel Jackson. Dr Fraiser put Dr Jackson's age at 16 years and Colonel O'Neill's at 25 years. As far as she could ascertain they were normal, healthy young men. He watched as Daniel flicked back a strand of dark blonde hair, pushed up his glasses and continued to read the report in front of him. To Hammond it looked like a gentle breeze could knock the young man over. Daniel's build was slim verging on thin, but, as Hammond knew, looks could be deceiving. The incredible mind still resided in the now youthful body as did a strength of courage and determination that constantly had Hammond in awe of Daniel. Hammond's gaze moved to Jack and he fought back a smile as he watched Jack O'Neill use a small mound of paper clips as ammunition, trying to fire them into a plastic cup. Hammond gave a silent chuckle. Jack O'Neill was Jack O'Neill in any shape or form. Despite the brand new knees and head of wavy light brown hair. He switched his attention to the rest of the people sat round the table. Major Carter and Teal'c sat to his right and Dr Fraiser sat opposite him at the other end of the table. "Alright people, everyone is now aware of the current problem..." he ignored the snort that came from his left, "Suggestions and options as to how we resolve this?" He turned to Daniel, "Dr Jackson, how is the translation progressing?"

Daniel lifted his tired eyes, "It's not." He replied quietly. Everyone looked at him in stunned disbelief.

"You're kidding. Tell me you're kidding!" Brown looked into Blue pleadingly.

"Jack, I've never come across this variation of Ancient before. The syntax is unbelievably complex. It could take me weeks, possibly months..." By this time Jack was bumping his head on the table top in mute anguish.

"Colonel, please!"

Hammond's voice gained Jack's attention and he lifted his head from the table. He met the blue eyes which were looking at him with concern and guilt. "It's ok buddy. You take all the time you need." He said trying to ease the guilt in his young friend. He put his arm round Daniel's shoulders and gave a squeeze. "You'll get it Dannyboy. That old syntax won't stop you." He turned to Carter sitting opposite him. "Carter have you had a chance to poke and probe it yet?"

"Only a preliminary investigation, Sir" She turned to address Hammond. Jack listened as she rambled on about trying to take the thing apart and how so far, short of trying some C4 on it, it had defied all attempts at poking and probing. As she continued to ramble about the various options open to her, Jack felt Daniel slowly, but surely beginning to slump against him. Eventually he interrupted Carter's ramblings with a quiet, "Doc." He nodded to the now softly snoring Daniel who had his head on Jack's shoulder.

Fraiser nodded and said, "I thought that might happen. Both your metabolism and Daniel's have gone through a massive shock and also Daniel has the added factor of growth hormones kicking in. I would suggest, Sir..." She looked at Hammond, "that we end this briefing."

"Very well, Doctor." Hammond gave a small smile as he looked at Daniel, who quietly continued to snore on Jack's shoulder, "Colonel, two VIP Suites have been made ready for you and Dr Jackson. You do understand that under the current circumstances neither of you can return to you houses."

Jack nodded, oh he got the message loud and clear. They were stuck in the mountain until they either returned to normal or, if it was permanent, they received new identities. Also it was possible that the NID might just get wind of the new look Colonel O'Neill and Dr Jackson. Jack hugged Daniel closer to him. No way in Netu were the NID gonna get their grubby little hands on Daniel! He gently shook the sleeping youth. "Daniel, oh Danny" He sing-songed quietly, "Rise and shine, sleeping beauty." A pair of sleepy blue eyes slowly opened and gazed vacantly. Jack jiggled his shoulder slightly and eased Daniel into a more upright position.

"Wha'?" Daniel gazed vacantly at them. Ah, brain not in gear, Jack thought as he indicated to Teal'c to help in assisting Daniel to his feet. Teal'c lifted the sleepy youth to his feet and caught him as he staggered slightly. Daniel looked at Jack.

"Home?" Daniel asked hopefully.

Jack shook his head. "Fraid not. Until this..." and he indicated between the two of them, "is resolved, Hammond has confined us to base. We have two very nice VIP suites, with our names on 'em, waiting for us" Giving a gentle push he started to propel Daniel forward and out of the briefing room.

With Teal'c looming on Daniel's left and Jack glowering on his right they made their way through the corridors with minimal fuss. In fact people went out of their way to get out the way. Not that Daniel noticed as he was so zoned out Teal'c and Jack were literally carrying him between them. They finally reached their destination and using one of the cards Teal'c opened the door and helped lead Daniel over to the bed. They laid their burden down on the bed and watched as he shifted around until he was comfortable. Teal'c then opened a door which connected the two rooms and Jack walked into what would be his home for who knew how long. He felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned to face Teal'c.

"MajorCarter and I will bring whatever you and DanielJackson require from your homes. Perhaps the two of you could list items that are required tomorrow." Teal'c paused and looked thoughtful, "clothing maybe a problem for DanielJackson. I noticed his clothing no longer fits him properly since the change. He is a slimmer build than he was." There was no response from Jack. As Teal'c had been speaking Jack had laid down on the bed and fallen asleep. Teal'c watched for moment longer, then gave a small bow and left the two sleeping men.

A few hours later Jack was woken by screaming coming from the next room. He hurriedly got up from the bed and rushed into Daniel's room. It's was obvious from the frantic movements and harsh breathing Daniel was having a full blown nightmare. Jack rushed over and pulled him into his arms. "Shhhhh, it's ok...come on Danny, wake up. It's just a dream." As he continued to talk the young man awake he gently rubbed his hands up and down Daniel's back. Eventually the struggles ceased and Daniel lay shaking in Jack's arms. Jack felt the whispered 'Jack' against his neck. "Yeh, it's me. Wanna talk about it?" The head shook negatively against his shoulder. "Ok, think you can go back to sleep? Or do you want some company?" Again there was a shake of the head, then Daniel shifted over to make room for Jack. Once the older man was in, Daniel plastered himself against him. He slowly stroked his hand up and down Daniel's side. "Go to sleep, Danny. I'm not going anywhere." He lay there listening as the younger man's breathing evened out and he felt the body next to him relax. Pulling Daniel closer Jack finally fell asleep.

The feeling he was being watched woke him up. He opened his eyes to meet the puzzled blue ones.

"Jack, care to explain?" Easing himself up into a sitting position and refusing to feel any embarrassment at his current predicament, to whit being in the same bed as his best friend, Jack decided the truth was the way forward.

"You had a nightmare, a bad one, and you didn't want to be on your own afterwards." He watched as the memories of the previous night came back to Daniel. He knew when the memories reached the point when Daniel invited Jack into his bed. Jack wondered if the blush covered Daniel's entire body.

"I would..." stammered Daniel.

"...never under normal circumstances ask me to share your bed." Jack finished for him. Daniel nodded vigorously. Jack patted the arm that was unconsciously resting across his chest. "It's ok. You're 16 and your hormones are all over the place." This got the reaction he wanted. Daniel leapt out of the bed, indignation oozing out of every pore. Jack smiled as 5 foot 6 inches of prissiness stood hands on hips facing him.

"I maybe 16 Jack, but I'm still me!!"

"Oh, you most certainly are, Daniel." Jack replied as he got out of the bed and made his way back into his own room. He gave a soft chuckle as he heard a still indignant Daniel banging and muttering about 'thick headed Colonels'. He started to get changed into fresh clothing. This reminded him of what Teal'c had been talking about before he had crashed the night before. He called through to a still muttering Daniel. "Danny, we need to make lists of what we want brought in from our houses. Carter and Teal'c have offered to collect and bring stuff in. Oh, and you need some new clothes."

Daniel, in the process of dressing, looked down at his BDUs. Ye-ah, they hung on him a little, ok maybe a lot, but he was comfortable in them.

"My BDUs are fine, Jack!"

"No they are not, buddy boy." Jack said as he walked back in and helpfully rolled a sleeve of Daniel's jacket up for him, "BDUs weren't designed for teenagers. You need new clothing and I think Carter has you down in her calendar for a visit to the Mall in your near future."

Daniel fought down the frustration, he was nearly 40 dammit. He didn't need to be taken shopping like a kid. Oh wait, he was a kid! "Dammit Jack, why did that freaking thing make me a teenager! Why couldn't it have made me like you. At least in my 20s the clothes would have fitted better and..." He flung his arms in the air, causing the sleeves to roll back down again, and shouted, "I wouldn't be acting like a freaking teenager!!!" His arms dropped and his shoulder slumped. Jack took a sleeve and rolled it back up again.

"Feel better?" He asked quietly.

"Ye-ah" Jack smiled and slung an arm round his friend.

"Come on, let's see what the General and his merry troops have waiting for us." Side by side they walked out of the room. After leaving Daniel in his office deep in piles of books trying to crack the code to the translation. Jack headed for Hammond's office, where 15 minutes later he sat looking at Hammons in stunned disbelief.

"Simmons?! Here?!"

"In around an hour's time." Hammond sighed.

"Why in hell is that scumbucket paying us a visit?" Oh God this was his worst nightmare come true. Simmons! His timing couldn't be any worse.

"I've no idea, Jack. But we do have to make sure he doesn't catch sight of yourself or Dr Jackson. So, I would be grateful if the two of you could stay in the VIP rooms for the duration of the visit. Do you know where Dr Jackson is? I'd like both of you safely out of the way as soon as possible. Simmons as you know, has a bad habit of arriving unannounced."

"I left him in his office, but he did say he would be going to Carter's lab at some point. They are still trying to make sense of the gizmo." He stood and indicated to the door, "I'll just..." Hammond nodded. "You do that, son."

Hammond watched as his 2IC booked it out of his office and went in search of their elusive archaeologist. He hoped to God that the two of them would be safely out the way by the time Simmons arrived.

"Davis!" He barked. Davis materialised in the doorway.


"Inform me as soon as Colonel Simmons arrives."

"Yes, Sir!" Davis made to leave, but Hammond stopped him.

"Oh, and get me some Tynole. I feel a headache coming on."

O'Neill finally tracked Daniel down in Carter's Lab. The two blonde heads were close together as they peered at the innocent looking item in front of them. Carter gave a quiet 'damm' and pushed her safety glasses to the top of her head.

"Well we've tried everything I can think of and nothing has worked." Daniel was still looking at the cause of his current situation. He gave it a prod and said.

"What I've managed to translate talks of light and darkness, 'Light shall disperse darkness and all will be bathed in her glory'." He straightened his back and gave a disgusted snort, "I still have no idea how that ties in with the age reversing!" He saw Jack standing there and gave him a blinding smile, "Oh, hi Jack!"

O'Neill felt a wave of emotion spin through him a mixture of amazement at the delight he saw in Daniel's eyes and also guilt as he knew he was about to kill the enthusiasm that was also blazing there. He quickly informed the two of them what Hammond had told him.

"Simmons?!" The two voices rang out simultaneously.

"And we have to hide like scared rabbits until the big bad wolf decides to return to his den." Daniel snarled.

"I know Daniel. I don't like it any more than you do. But, I dislike the idea of the NID having you or even me, as a guest even more and if hiding as scared rabbits will prevent that from happening. Then that is what we do."

"I can take care of myself!"

"I don't doubt that, but Hammond would prefer to avoid a confrontation." Jack turned to Sam who had been standing quietly during the conversation. "Carter hide that thing and then make sure there are no NID sewer rats lurking around. I have a feeling we have another NID mole in our midst and that is why Simmons is paying us a visit."

"Yes, Sir."

They met with no interference until they were almost at their goal. As they turned the corner into the corridor with the rooms, Simmons, Hammond and a toady of Simmons were coming down the other way.

"Well," Simmons voice rang out, "What do we have here? Relatives of Colonel O'Neill and Dr Jackson, I take it?" No-one said anything. Jack and Daniel looked at Hammond, Simmons toady smirked and Jack now knew for certain they definitely had another mole in their ranks. "Nothing to say, General?"

"Nothing that could be heard in polite circles, Colonel."

"Perhaps we should take this to the briefing room, to discuss it further?" Simmons said with a cold smile. Knowing there was no way out of it Hammond led the way. Making sure, however, that at all times Simmons and his toady were in continual view and that he covered O'Neill's and Dr Jackson's sixes.

Once in the briefing room Teal'c and Carter also arrived. Teal'c sat down beside Daniel and Carter beside Jack. This meant all of SG1 sat facing Simmons and his toady, with Hammond in his normal place at the head of the table.

"So," Simmons smirked, "the rumours I heard yesterday are true."

"Depends what you heard," sneered Jack. "If it was that the Cubs are gonna win the World Series, then I'm afraid your sources are wrong."

"Definitely still Colonel O'Neill, despite the appearance. Tell me how did this miraculous transformation occur and what caused it?"

"I'm afraid we are still carrying out investigations and we are not in a current position to give any concrete analysis." Sam said, jumping in before Jack could say anything.

"Surely, Major Carter, you are in a position to say what caused Colonel O'Neill's and Dr Jackson's interesting predicament."

"No, Sir. I would prefer to refrain from making any assumptions until I have all the facts. Dr Jackson is in the middle of a very difficult translation which we hope will eventually aid us in our investigations."

'Go Carter!' Jack silently cheered as he listened to her run rings round Simmons. He could also feel the tension radiating from Daniel. He dropped his hand down and gently gave Daniel's thigh a squeeze. To his surprise Daniel's hand came down and covered his and gave a squeeze in return. With Daniel's hand still in his, Jack turned his attention back to the verbal warfare circulating round the table.

"General, I am simply offering the assistance of some of my scientists to help Major Carter's investigations. Surely the more help you have the quicker this," Simmons waved his hand towards Jack and Daniel, "situation can be resolved."

"I can assure you Colonel that we the best scientists and linguists working on this and the President has offered more help if it is required. So unless you have anything further to offer. I think your journey here has been a wasted one."

"Perhaps and perhaps not, General." Simmons said as rose from his seat, "Blackwell!" Simmons toady hastily rose from his seat and followed Simmons out of the briefing room.

"Davis!!" Hammond barked. Davis speedily appeared at the doorway.


"Make sure they leave and then increase security to Amber. Also check the case histories of the most recent personnel. We have a loose cannon in our midst."

"Sir." Davis disappeared as quickly as he had arrived.

"Damm," Hammond said quietly, "he's not going to give up."

"No, Sir. He's not." Jack said just as quietly, still holding Daniel's hand, "but, we now know the threat and that is to our advantage."

With Simmons and his toady having departed Hammond dismissed them. Sam and Daniel headed back to her lab, Jack decided to do some snooping in the personnel files and went to 'help' Davis with his investigations. Teal'c went to spend sometime with the new intake of recruits. One thing neither Jack or Daniel knew was that Hammond had arranged that SG2, under the command of Ferretti were detailed to act as a personal guard for the young men.

In Sam's lab the 'wonder twins' were no further forward. Daniel gave the cube a vicious prod with his finger.

"Well I think until I have all the sides translated we are not going to get any further with this." Sam nodded, she knew Daniel was right. But, it didn't stop her getting frustrated and annoyed. She so hated being defeated by such a simple looking thing. They had tried shining various forms of light on it and had stuck it in a completely darkened area. Nothing, each and every time. Daniel had even tried to carry out the action he'd done the first time he and Jack had seen it. Not a flicker or a flash. The cube totally defeated them. If Sam was frustrated and annoyed then how must Daniel be feeling. To be trapped as a 16 year old, but still have the mind of a genius 36 year old. It was something she just couldn't imagine. Sam looked at Daniel and saw him hiking up his pants for the umpteenth time and that reminded her.

"I forgot to tell you that the General has given me permission to take you off Base to do some clothes shopping. I though we could go this Saturday. Janet has agreed to come with us." Daniel gazed at his 'evil twin' and said glumly.

"I have no real choice in this, so I?"

"None whatsoever." Sam replied cheerfully. Daniel sighed, picked up the cube and gave it a small toss.

"Well if you don't mind, I will take this and go and immerse my sorrows in the joys of trying to crack the code, yet again. I'm missing something, I'm certain of it." Sam smiled as she heard him muttering as he left 'Light shall disperse darkness and all will be bathed in her glory. What the frigging hell does it mean?!'

As Daniel left Sam's lab and headed for his back to his office a shadow detached itself from the wall and followed behind. Lou Ferretti had taken on the job as Daniel's Shadow himself. Only the best for Dr J and if he said so himself he was the best - well after Colonel Jack O'Neill that is. He smiled as he followed Daniel. The Doc was totally oblivious to his surroundings, muttering away to himself. He didn't see the looks he was receiving. A few Lou returned with some glowers of his own. Yes, Dr J looked 16, but as far as everyone on the Base should be concerned he was still Dr J. If anyone had a problem with that Lou and the rest of SG2 would be very happy to correct that opinion.


Daniel stood in terror gazing at the scene that confronted him. He would rather be facing a rampaging hoard of Jaffa's than this! In fact he would like to be back in the safe haven that was Borders Bookshop. He made to turn round, but felt his arms being firmly gripped and reluctantly he was hauled into the shop.

"Jeans" the voice on his left said and gave that arm a tug.

"Tops" the voice on his right arm said and gave that arm a tug.

"Ummm, ladies there is only one of me and I don't take kindly to being split in half." The two women looked at him in frustration and Sam got the look on her face that always terrified her staff and made them want to run and hide. Eventually her eyes gleamed and she pointed to the changing rooms to their left.

"Ok, you go and stand by the changing rooms and Janet and I will bring things to you." As Daniel made his way over to his designated point, hitching his pants up as he went, both Sam and Janet looked over to where Lou and his 2IC, Anderson, were situated near the changing rooms. Lou gave them a high five signal. Both woman nodded and then began their raid on Gap.

Daniel slumped against the wall as waited miserably for Sam and Janet to bring him stuff to try on. Why, oh why did he have to be a teenager again. He had racked his brains trying to remember what he had worn the first time he had been sixteen. Of course that was when he had started his first degree and he had worn clothes to try and fit in. Hadn't worked of course. The clothes he had worn had been second hand and he had stuck out like a sore thumb. He sighed and watched the blonde and brunette heads as they flitted about the store, picking up and discarding things. Darn Janet had put back that nice plaid shirt.

Lou tried to look like he was browsing the T-shirts on the rack next to him as he kept an eye on Dr J. The guy looked as bored as he felt. Hmmm, that top there would suit Manda, but sure as eggs the Short Stuff would refuse to wear it because her old man had got it for her.

'Nope, nope, definitely not!' Sam eliminated three pairs of jeans one after another. They had a chance to finally dress Daniel as he should be and she was not going to blow it by choosing the wrong pair of jeans. She picked up a pair of very faded, soft to the touch, pale blue jeans. 'Oh Yeah! Definitely these. Best get a couple more.' Sam looked up and saw Janet making her way towards her laden down with tops, shirts and several jackets. Hitching up her selection of jeans in her arms she met her partner in crime and gave a smile.

"We are about to create a masterpiece." Janet gave a smile in return.

"In the words of 'Murray', Indeed." The two woman turned to where they had told Daniel to wait. There was no sign of him. Sam dropped the jeans she was carrying and frantically spun round trying to locate him. She looked over to where Lou and Jamie Anderson were. The idiots were looking at and discussing a maroon top. She literally ran over to them with Janet close at her heels.

"Nice colour, Lou."

"Yeah, isn't it Major Carter. Thinking of getting it for Manda."

"Huh, huh. Where's Daniel, Lou?" Janet asked. Lou looked at her puzzled.

"At the Changing rooms where you asked him to wait."

"No, he isn't" Sam said through gritted teeth. Lou looked alarmed and looked over to where Daniel should have been standing, but wasn't.

"Shit!! Jamie get going! He may have got so bored and decided to go back to Borders." They all watched as Anderson hurried out of Gap in search of Daniel.

"We can but hope he's in Borders, because if he isn't...." Janet's voice trailed off as they all thought of the fate that awaited them back at the Mountain if they returned without Daniel. It went by the name of, Jack O'Neill.


'Ow!' Daniel flinched as the restraints on his wrists tightened slightly as he tried to move his arms, 'not good, not good at all'. He could hear voices near by. They seemed to be discussing him. He was definitely not in a good situation. The last thing he remembered was standing waiting for Sam and Janet to put him through the torture (not a good word to use Daniel, particularly in your current predicament!) of trying clothes on, feeling a prick on his arm, suddenly feeling very tired and then...nothing. He wriggled some more and discovered his ankles were in restraints too. He heard footsteps and tried to turn his head, but discovered he was wearing a neck restraint too.

"Dr Jackson, you've finally decided to wake up."

"It would seem so. Am I allowed to know who I'm the guest of?"

"Not at this moment, no"

"Ah" He watched as two more joined the circle round the table. He felt a prick then white heat engulfed his body. He heard screaming and guessed it was himself.


"Ok, let me get this straight. One minute he was standing by the changing rooms bored out of his skull. The next, he had vanished." Jack looked at Sam and Janet.

"Yes Sir" The two voices replied.

"You, were looking at a shirt for your kid, when the vanishing act occurred." Jack looked at Lou.

"Yes Sir"

"As were you, Anderson"

"Yes Sir" Jack scrubbed his hair in frustration. 'Darn it he should have put a leash on the kid!' he thought. He tried to keep calm. It wouldn't help get Daniel back if let his temper get the better of him.

"Carter, you placed a locator on him, didn't you?"

"Yes Sir, we should know in a few minutes where he is located."

"Good. Ferretti get your team together and tell SGs 4 and 5 they are up to."

"Yes Sir!" Lou hurried out with Anderson hot at his heels. Both were determined to clear SG2's name after the fiasco at the Mall.

"Carter, locate our errant archaeologist."

"Sir" She too hurried out determined to do her bit.


"I know, Sir. I'll prep the medical team and we will be standing by. Just try to bring him back in one piece." As Fraiser left Jack slumped into his seat and laid his head on his arms on the desk. 'Every frigging time!' He felt the tears and didn't stop them from falling. He finally lifted his head, gave his eyes a frustrated swipe and yelled at the ceiling...

"Simmons, God help you if you have anything to do with this!"


The screaming continued unabated, white heat lanced through him and something was stabbing in his eyes. He could hear a voice..."he is stubborn, Colonel Simmons, but I'm sure that eventually we can persuade him to ascend."

'Oh God! Jaaaaack...Jack! Please Jack, come and make them stop!!" He mentally screamed.



"I'm working on it, Sir. I've narrowed it down and should have his actual location in a couple minutes." Sam's fingers flew over the keyboard. She was conscious of the looming figure behind her. The four teams were suited up and ready to go. They all were waiting for Sam to give them the location. Originally Hammond wasn't going to allow Jack to lead the rescue attempt, but had relented when he saw how much it meant to the young man. Besides he hadn't fancied having a caged, irate Colonel O'Neill terrorising the SGC.

"Got him, Sir!" Sam got up from her chair and put on her jacket and joined her team as Walter handed out the co-ordinates.

Hammond watched as the teams stood ready waiting for him to give them the 'Go'.

"SG 1, 2, 4 and 5 you have a Go. Bring back our Boy."

"Yes Sir." Jack gave Hammond a salute, then indicated to the teams to move out.

'Hang on Danny, don't you give up! We're on our way.'


'Oh God, it hurt! Hurt so much!' The white heat continued endlessly. As did the stabbing sensation in his eyes. He just wanted it to stop, all of it to stop. He was tired, so tired.

"Parvulus! You must not give in!"

"Oma?" Daniel spun round. He ignored the fact that he was no longer on the table and seemed to be on Abydos. Oma stood facing him.

"Parvulus, he comes. You must hold on. Do not give in. Your Path is not over yet."

"My Path?" There was no answer and he was back on the table. Mercifully the darkness began to enfold him and the agony receded.


"You're sure Carter?"

"Certain, Sir. He's definitely in there." Sam looked up from the readings on her Pocket PC, "Daniel is located near the rear of the warehouse." Jack nodded and looked back at the warehouse in front of them.

"SG4 are you position?"





"Ready and waiting Colonel"


"It will be my pleasure to relieve the two guards at the door of their arduous task."

"Then, please do big guy!"

They watched as Teal'c silently moved towards the doors. A few seconds later and the two guards were face down on the ground. Jack yelled into his radio..."Gogogo!!" He and Carter ran to join Teal'c. Carter blew the doors as the other teams entered through the windows. Jack ignored all that was going on around him. Trusting the members of his team and the others to deal with the minor issues. He had his eyes on the big fish. Simmons was standing with three others, in white coats, round a small form lying on a surgical table.

"Simmons!" He roared as he ran towards his target. Simmons turned and gave a small smile as he watched Jack heading towards him.

"O'Neill! So, nice you could join us. You're just in time to watch Dr Jackson ascend for the second time."

"Nooooooo" Jack lunged at Simmons, then suddenly time seemed to freeze. Jack, stopped and looked round. Abydos? They were on Abydos fer cryin' out loud.

"Oma, get your glowy self out here. This is your doing!"

"Parvulus is in no danger." Oma said appearing in front of Jack.

"Parvulus? You mean Daniel? Ok, I believe you. So, why am I here?" Oma smiled.

"There are many paths from which to chose Those who seek must chose wisely and be guided to the correct one. The Light must not be extinguished by the darkness."

"Ooookkkaaayyy. That is as clear as mud. Mind putting me back to deal with the bad guys and get Daniel, Parvulus, whatever, back to the Infirmary and Fraiser's tender care." Jack found himself stood beside the surgery table with Simmons and the three scientists lying on the floor, unconscious. Ignoring the garbage cluttering up the floor Jack bent over the small form lying on the table. It took all his willpower not to kick Simmons' form to death. Daniel had so many tubes hooked up to him and his eyes, dear god, his eyes. They were wide open with a thick milky film the completely covered the irises.

"Carter! Get over here!!" Sam hurried over.

"Oh, my, god. Daniel!"

"Can he be moved?" Carter examined the tubes closely and shook her head.

"I rather not, Sir. I think we should get Janet and her team here as soon as is possible." Jack pulled out his cell phone, pressed the speed dial button and waited to be connected through to the infirmary.

"Doc...yeah we've got him...uh uh...he's in a real bad way...tubes everywhere...ok see you in 10." He cut the connection and turned to Sam.

"Doc wants you to monitor him until she gets here." Sam nodded. Jack reluctantly pulled himself away from the table and then remember the garbage on the floor.

"Teal'c I need some help with the garbage lying here!"


'Ok, pain gone, soft mattress, Jack's voice rumbling away and was that Jack's hand holding and stroking his? Infirmary, that was Janet's voice as well' Daniel licked his lips.


"Here, Danny" The grip on his hand tightened, 'Yep definitely Jack's hand, then,'

"You're safe and the capable hands of the Doc."

"'kay" Something was wrong though, he could tell. Daniel tried to open his eyes and realised they were already open.

"J'ck! C'nt see! Wha's wrong!"

"Shhhh! Calm down, Danny." The stroking on his hand spread to his arm.

"C'nt see J'ck!"

"Daniel," he turned his head towards Janet's voice, "there's some type of membrane covering both eyes. We don't know, yet, what type of substance it is. Majors Ferretti and Anderson are working at obtaining the information from the so called scientists who did this to you." Daniel could hear the contempt in her voice.

"Simmons?" He croaked.

"Teal'c and Carter are having the pleasure of questioning him." He could hear the satisfaction in Jack's voice.

"Not you, Jack?" Daniel's voice was becoming stronger.

"No." Regret filled Jack's voice, "Hammond won't let me near him."

"How long?" Daniel winced at the fear he heard in his own voice.

"We don't know, Daniel." Janet answered gently, "Even when we have some idea of what they used, there is no guessing as to how long it will take us to come up with a solution."

"But, you will, won't you Doc"

"You bet we will!" She gave Daniel's leg a gentle squeeze and left. Jack watched her leave then turned back to look at Daniel. Tears were streaming down the young man's face.

"Awww, Danny!" Jack pulled him into a strong embrace.

"I can't see, Jack! Won't be able to translate that damm cube now. We're stuck like this! Sorry, Jack, so sorry! All my fault. Can't do any....." Jack silenced him with a gentle kiss. As Daniel pulled back he knew he was most likely doing an excellent impression of a fish. He waited for Jack to say something, but all he did was pull Daniel further into his embrace and make himself more comfortable on the bed. Daniel gave a sigh, he was so tired and it hurt to think, and settled his head on to Jack's chest. He let the steady thump of Jack's heart lull him into sleep.

Jack watched as Daniel gradually fell asleep. As he gently stroked the younger man's hair, he wished Hammond would let him just have a few seconds with Simmons. Just a few seconds would be all that he needed!! He looked down at the head nestled under his chin and placed another gentle kiss on it. He then lent his head back against the headrest and allowed himself to be lulled by the soft snuffles coming from the vicinity of his chest.

Janet made her way out of her office and headed to check on Captain Matheson. SG7 had run into a rather nasty squabble between neighbouring tribes and unfortunately had been caught in some cross fire. Matheson had received an arrow in the upper leg. As she made her way of to the Captain's bed she noticed Jack and Daniel and had to smile. The Colonel was reclining on top of the bed, his legs crossed and head resting on the bed headrest. His arm was securely round Daniel, who lay on his side his head resting on the Colonel's chest and an arm slung across the man's stomach. Janet changed her direction and on reaching Daniel's bed gently pulled the curtain round to give the two of them some privacy. She then turned to check on Captain Matheson.

After checking Matheson and making sure the Captain was comfortable Janet went back to her office and began to work on some files. She was interrupted a while later by the arrival of Colonel Taylor and Major Kowalska of SG5. Taylor placed a container of a white-grey substance on her desk. At the same time Kowalska laid and envelope on the desk. Janet picked up the envelope and felt the shape of the DVD disk inside.

"They recorded everything, Ma'am." Kowalska said a look of disgust showing on her face, "They also took comprehensive notes." She placed another, larger, envelope in front of Janet.

"This is all we've found, so far, Ma'am." Taylor indicated to the container and envelopes, "the rest of my team and SG4 are continuing the search." Janet nodded to the two of them. Taylor left, but Kowalska paused at the door and turned back to Janet.

"How could they do something like that, Ma'am? To record every second of his pain and then analyse it while recording." Kowalska shook her head, hearing again the cold calm voice on the DVD while Dr Jackson screamed in agony in the background. She was a scientist herself, specialising in organic chemistry, and she was stunned that any fellow scientist could even think of acting like that. Janet gave a tight smile.

"I have no idea Marta, but I intend to find out." She stood, picked up the container and disk and joined Marta at the door. Marta gave her a smile.

"Good luck, Ma'am! Scum like that give the rest of us a bad name." She gave Janet a quick salute and hurried off to join her team member.

The sound of her heels clicked down the corridors and she eventually arrived at the rooms Simmons and the others were being held in. Holding up the container she asked.

"I would like a few minutes to ask the three being held by Major Ferretti some questions in connection with the substance in this."

"One second, Ma'am." One of the SFs said as he knocked on the door and entered the room. Two or three seconds later he came out and gave her a nod of permission. She entered the room and looked at the three men sat at one side of the table. Anderson rose from his seat beside Ferretti and indicated that she should take it. Ferretti gave her a nod as she sat down. Janet placed the container on the table and was pleased to see that the faces of the men became even paler. She then placed the disk beside it, quietly sliding it between her fingers.

"Colonel Taylor and Major Kowalska brought these items from the warehouse where you held Dr Jackson, along with some very comprehensive notes. The disk contains a visual record of your 'treatment' of Dr Jackson. " Janet ignored the flinch that came from Ferretti, "This..." and she pushed the container forward, "is what you used on him. Now, I would be grateful if you could tell me what this is and where it came from." There was silence from the other side of the table. Janet picked up the disk and turned to Anderson, standing quietly by the door.

"Major Anderson, would you kindly take this disk through to Major Carter. Explain to her what it is and ask her to let General Hammond know about it." Janet watched out of the corner of her eye as the men's faces became even paler. One of them finally spoke.

"Colonel Simmons obtained the substance for us, from Area 51. We have no idea of it's origin or what it is." Janet turned back to look at them, they flinched when they saw the ice in her eyes. She placed the disk back on the table, then slid the container closer to the men. All three flinched away from it.

"Let me see if I understand this correctly. You used an unknown substance on a Teenager..." She held her hand up as one of them was about to speak, "a TEENAGER! Physically in every way, Dr Jackson is a Teenager, a 16 year old. You used a substance that you have no knowledge of, in the hope that he would be forced to ascend." Again she held her hand up, "Please don't keep trying to interrupt me! There is nothing you can say that can make me understand how you could make that young man suffer as he did. He's BLIND, gentlemen! That wonderful, amazing young man is blind. You caused it, made it happen. You have most likely destroyed any hope this world or the universe had." By this time she was leaning heavily on the table, almost in their faces. The only thing preventing her from climbing over the table and killing them was Ferretti's arm round her waist.

Taking a couple of deep breaths she straightened up, picked up the container and disk and with a final look at the three she left the room. As she stood in the corridor trying to calm herself down Lou joined her.

"How is he, Doc?" She gave him a sad smile.

"Traumatised. There is also a possibility that there made be some damage to his heart and lungs. We need to do more tests on that. Colonel O'Neill is with him. He's doing as well as can be expected Lou. We all have a very long journey ahead of us. Daniel especially." She patted Lou's arm, "Now I have to go and see what we can find out about this substance if we are to give Daniel any hope at all."


Jack felt the pain radiating down his neck, a sure sign that he had been sleeping in the same position for too long. He cracked open his eyes and took note that he was lying on Daniel's infirmary bed with his head resting on the bed's headboard, hence the pain. He also had Daniel sprawled over his chest. The, strangely, did not concern him. Moving his head, carefully, so as not to make the pain any worse, he looked down at the still sleeping teenager. Jack had felt the years of barriers and walls being demolished when the doo-hickey had zapped them. He could now admit the love he felt for Daniel and he was dammed if he was going to hide it anymore. Danny needed him, more than ever now, and Jack was going to be there for him every step, every second, of the way. The regulations could take a flying run and jump for all he was concerned about them.

The clicking of heels alerted him to the arrival of Janet 'Napoleon' Fraiser and he made the attempt to move off the bed. But, the tightening of an arm round his waist prevented him from moving. Janet smiled as she saw Jack's predicament when she open the curtain.

"He won't let me move, Doc" He whispered. Her smile grew and she bent down to take a closer look at her patient.

"Has he slept right through, Sir?" She asked quietly.

"We had a couple of moments," and boy had they been moments! His ribs still ached from being squeezed in an iron grip and he would never, ever forget the silent screams he witnessed. "but that was all. He's not been to restless." Janet straightened.

"Good." Jack noticed that she looked exhausted.

"Have SG4 and 5 reported back yet?"

"Yes, Taylor and Kowalska brought back a container of the substance that was used on Daniel. I have a team analysing it now." She had decided to keep the information about the DVD from the two men for the moment. Jack frowned.

"Surely, the three stoogies could tell you what it is?" Janet shook her head.

"No, they can't. I had the pleasure of chatting with them yesterday and they kindly informed me that Simmons obtained it from Area 51. I have another team questioning people there and hope the inventory there will throw something up. The three stoogies, good name for them by the way, don't know where it originated or know what it is."

"They used...on Daniel...without..." Jack was speechless. Ok Simmons had moved down the line a notch. He now wanted a few seconds with 'Tom, Dick and Harry'. A few seconds that was all, maybe he could sweet talk Hammond. He looked down at Daniel and gently stroked his hair. 'I'm not letting you out of my sight, Danny boy, ever again. Not for one second. If you need to pee, I go with you! Oh you may snipe and gripe, but for my own piece of mind...where you go, I go with you! Love you to much to lose you again.' When he looked up, Janet had left them and gone back to her office. Jack went back to his Danny watching. Few minutes later the subject of his perusal began to stir.

Daniel was conscious of a hand gently stroking his hair and the dull steady thud under his right ear. He was praying that the memories of the past few days were part of a very bad and weird dream. He was also terrified to open his eyes. Terrified that everything would still be dark when he opened them.

"You gonna wake up Sleeping Beauty?"

"'Fraid to. 'Fraid that if I do, all that I remember will be true. That I'm sixteen, Simmons got his hands on me and that I am now blind. Please tell me Jack that I dreamed it all!"

"Can't Danny boy. Won't lie to you."

"Darn! Was really hoping you would lie to me." Jack watched as Daniel's eyes opened and his heart broke when milky white instead of blue were revealed.

"Still dark." Came the hoarse whisper. Jack kissed his head and nuzzled his hair with his nose.

"Maybe dark, Danny. But, you're not alone, never alone. You've got me and the rest of SG1. Never forget that!" He took a steadying breath and noticed the look on Daniel's face. He gently tugged on a lock of the hair under his hand.

"Get that thought out of your head Daniel Melburn Jackson! You are not, nor ever will be, a burden or a hindrance to any of us!" He lowered his hand and wiped the tears running down Daniel's face.

Across the room in her office Janet did likewise and wiped the tears from her face as she watched Jack pull Daniel into a tight embrace as the teenager sobbed into his chest. 'Darn, I'm getting sentimental in my old age'. She picked up the notes Marta Kowalska had brought back from the warehouse. She was hoping there was something in them that would buy her a clue that in turn would lead them to giving Daniel Jackson his sight back.


Two days later Jack entered the Infirmary and was greeted by the sight of Daniel propped up in bed listening intently to what Nyan was reading to him. The bed was covered in sheets of paper and photos.

"No, it's still not right." Daniel said interrupting Nyan.

"But Daniel, we've run this through exhaustive testing and rechecked the grammar and syntax several times...."

"It's not correct!!" Daniel snapped, rubbing his forehead, "something isn't right." Jack hurriedly joined Nyan at the side of the bed. He looked at the two sheets of paper Nyan was holding. He couldn't quite make out what the translation said, but he could, to his surprise, read the inscription in the photo Nyan held which was closest to him.

"Darkness shall encroach and linger, but Light's glory shall disperse all before her."


"Hi, Daniel."

"You can understand and read what Nyan is holding?"

"Yeah, so?" Daniel thumped his head on his pillows in frustration.

"I'm an idiot! A freaking idiot! Nyan get Jack the copies of the sides that are still to be translated. Also amend what you have for that translation, it's 'encroach', not 'enfold' as you and the others came up with. It doesn't make sense with 'enfold'."

"Yes, Daniel. You will be here Colonel O'Neill?"

"I'll be here Nyan." He watched as the Bedrosian scurried out of the Infirmary. He took Nyan's place in the seat and picked up one of the sheets scattered on the bed. As he tried to decipher the 'chicken scratching' on the sheet he absently asked Daniel,

"Why are you a idiot?" A sigh came from the nest of pillows.

"Because I never thought to ask if you could understand and decipher the inscriptions on the cube. I think turning sixteen has addled my brain."

"Nah, you've had other things going on and we still don't know of the Asgard completely removed everything from me."

"Well, obviously they didn't." Daniel rubbed his hand across his eyes and as he dropped it back down Jack intercepted it and held it in his. Daniel was conscious of Jack's thumb rubbing across the back of his hand, but he didn't delve to deeply into the feelings it was generating.


"Yeah, tired too."

"You're pushing yourself to hard."

"I need to do something, keep occupied. If I don't...I remember and I don't want to remember, Jack."

"I know buddy." Jack said softly. They let the silence envelop them as they waited for Nyan to return. When he did, Jack insisted that Daniel needed to rest and he would go with Nyan and work on the translations. Nyan agreed and gathered up all the papers and led Jack out.

Fifteen minutes later Jack found himself in Daniel's office surrounded by eager linguists and scientists. All waiting in breathless anticipation for him to let the genie out the bottle so to speak. He picked up the cube, felt a tingling sensation, a moment of disorientation and found himself in the middle of a sandstorm on Abydos.

"Ah Crap!!! Oma get your glowy self out here. This not funny!!"

"You are well, Jack O'Neill?" A disembodied voice asked. Jack didn't answer straight away, but waited for the Ascended to appear. Oma walked calmly out of the sandstorm and stood in front of him and cocked her head questioningly.

"Yeah, yeah I feel good, the knees are good. Now let's cut the crap and get to why you have dragged me here." Oma just smiled at him and gently placed a hand on his chest.

"You hurt here. You feel despair for your friend, for Daniel, for Parvulus. But there is also great love, that is good. He is going to need that love." She removed her hand and looked directly at him, "Parvulus, has a long and difficult journey ahead of him. He will need to know his friends, family, will be there for him. He needs to know his Petrus will be with him. Light must overcome the darkness." She stepped back and Jack felt the sandstorm enveloping him and then several voices calling to him. Nyan's the most insistent.

"Colonel, are you alright?" Jack found he was back in Daniel's office sat at his desk with several worried faces gazing at him. He looked down and saw he was still holding the innocent cube in his hand. He dropped it hastily, no way in Netu was he going to hold that thing again. He gave them all a weak smile, got up and left as quickly as his dignity would allow. In his own office he allowed himself to slump down in his chair and tried to make sense of the visit he had paid with Oma. Ok, his Latin was a little shaky, but he was sure that the name she kept calling Daniel meant 'Little One' and the one she called him meant 'Rock'. He smiled and chuckled, he didn't think that Daniel would be very pleased at being called 'Little One'. But, why call him Daniel's Rock, he didn't get that. He shoved that puzzle away to be looked at later. Now, this thing about darkness and light. If his gut feeling was right then he thought Oma was telling him that Daniel was the Light and if that was the case there was a big honking mess developing somewhere and in the not to distant future Daniel was going to be up to his neck in it. Jack began to gently thump his head against his desk, his fists clenched on either side.

'Daniel, it was came down to Daniel and goddammit Wonder Boy was going to have to walk through the fires of Netu again.'


A gentle knock sounded on his door. Jack lifted his head and saw Nyan standing there with a bundle of papers. He sat up fully, waving to Nyan to enter. Nyan placed the papers on Jack's desk and sat down. Jack picked up one of the papers and saw they were photos of the Cube sides.

"We thought it would be safer for you to translate the sides from the pictures rather than the actual Cube." The Bedrosian said.

Jack gave him a smile. "Yeah, you are probably right."

"How are you feeling, Colonel?"

"I'm fine."

They both grinned when they realised what he had said.

"Crap, I'm turning into Daniel!"

"Oh I doubt it, Colonel. There is only one Dr Jackson." Nyan rose from his seat, "I'll leave you to it, Colonel. Contact me if you have any problems with the translations."

Jack nodded and went back to studying the picture he had picked up, he never heard Nyan leave.

He was working on the fourth translation when the phone rang. "O'Neill...Yes, Sir. I'll be there." He replaced the receiver and gathered up the papers and his notes and left his office for the Briefing Room. When he entered the room the others were already there. He gave a nod to Carter and Teal'c and took a seat next to Nyan.

"Colonel, good of you to join us, finally."

"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir. I was checking something with Daniel and I lost track of time." Jack gave a small flinch as he heard himself say that. Then he mentally shrugged, hey he wasn't the same Jack O'Neill that got hit by the doo-hickey. In fact he didn't want to be that Jack O'Neill again. He like this new improved version of Jack O'Neill and he wasn't going to apologise for it.

"Yes, well..." Hammond have his 2IC a puzzled stare then glanced down the table to Dr Fraiser.

"Doctor, can you bring us up to date with your various investigations and the current condition of Dr Jackson."

Janet looked up from her notes. "Yes, Sir. At the moment the team at Area 51 are working through inventories dating back four months. The people questioned there didn't think the substance had been there longer than that. It will take a while before we know where exactly it came from.

Major Kowalska and her team have discovered the substance is organic and when it comes into contact with other organic substances it, grows for want of a better word, and covers it. I've done extensive tests on Dr Jackson and found the substance, for some reason, hasn't attacked his internal organs and it is only his eyes that are affected." She gave a sigh and gathered herself mentally for the next part of her report. "In tests on the substance Major Kowalska found that attempts to remove the substance from the material it was covering caused serious and irreplaceable damage. Also the substance began to grow back and recover the material. Sir, I would recommend that the surgery I requested on Dr Jackson's eyes be cancelled."

There was silence round the table, then Hammond said quietly. "Granted, Doctor."

"Thank you, Sir. Our tests are on going and the NID Notes found at the warehouse are proving to be useful. I would like to request some more time with the NID scientists, to question them in regards to queries I have on the notes."

Hammond gave a nod. "I will arrange with Major Ferretti and let you know."

"Yes, Sir. Finally, in regard to Dr Jackson's condition. Physically, apart from his eyesight, he is fine. The concerns we had about his heart and lungs have resolved themselves and I think I can say it was the stress and strain that he was put through that cause the heart fluctuations and breathing problems. Mentally..." she sighed, "not good. He's still having nightmares, headaches - which are causing me some concern and I will be carrying out a MRI later today to ascertain whether there is some physical problem that is causing them - and emotionally he's unstable..." She looked up, "Sir, I would recommend counselling, but..."

"We are talking about Dr Jackson, here," Hammond said.

"Yes, Sir."

"Do you have any suggestions, Doctor?"

"Sir, being cooped up in the Infirmary is doing him no good. I also think being permanently on base is not helping either. My recommendation is that he be allowed home with twenty four hour care and guard."

Hammond glanced at Jack, who had his head down looking at his notes. "Who do you recommend for Dr Jackson's care, Dr Fraiser?"

"Colonel O'Neill, Sir. With SG2 as the guard."

Jack jerked his head up in surprise and bounced his gaze between Hammond and Fraiser..

"You have a problem with Dr Fraiser's recommendation, Colonel?" Hammond looked questioningly at him.

Jack gathered his scattered wits and replied, "No, Sir. None whatsoever, Sir. My main and only concern is for Daniel. I don't give a damm about anything else or what people think, Sir."

Hammond smiled and nodded and turned back to Fraiser. "Anything else, Doctor?"

"No, Sir"

"Then thank you for that report. Major Carter, would you like to bring us up to date with the questioning of Colonel Simmons."

Jack watched as Carter gathered her notes and began her report. He knew that neither she or Teal'c would have got anything out of the scumbucket. No, good ole Simmons would be sat there tighter than a clam with a smirk on his face. Three minutes that's all he'd need, just three minutes and he's make that clam open wide and sing.

"Well, Sir. Colonel Simmons is not being very co-operative..."

"Colonel Simmons is refusing to talk." Teal'c said with a dark frown. He continued, "Tauri methods are proving ineffective. May I suggest GeneralHammond, that you allow me to employ the Jaffa method that has proved effective in several galaxies."

"I wish we could, Teal'c, put your hand down Jack I know you want to second Teal'c's suggestion, but we have to abide by a treaty called the Geneva Convention. You have something to say about the Geneva Convention, Colonel?." Hammond looked at Jack who was quietly muttering to himself.

Jack looked up and met his commanding officer's glare. "No, Sir" He replied.

"Good. Major is there anything else?"

Carter quietly sighed and shook her head.

"Very well, I want you and Teal'c to remain behind after this briefing and we will discuss the situation with Colonel Simmons."

Jack bent his head further down to hide his smile. He had a chance, it was a slim one, but he was going to pay ole Simmons a visit.


"Oh, sorry, Sir! Was trying to gather my thoughts."

"Since you seem to have inherited the translations, do you have anything more to report on them?"

Jack glanced at Nyan and got an encouraging nod from him.. He cleared his throat and for a moment saw Daniel standing in front of a Power Point presentation in full flow about his latest discovery. Jack gave a sad smile and knew he would never be able to give the presentation the report in front of him deserved, but he would do his best.

"Sir, from the initial translation Dr Jackson was able to do I have translated three of the other sides and have two more to do. They all talk of the same thing; that Darkness shall encroach and linger until the Light disperses it. We won't be able to decipher the quotations until all six are translated."

"Are you any clearer on what this Light and Darkness means?" Sam asked.

"No, we are not. Colonel O'Neill was in the process of translating the Cube itself earlier when he seemed to 'Zone Out' for want of a better phrase, while holding it. He was uncommunicative for at least five minutes."

Janet was out of her seat and round to Jack's side before Nyan finished speaking. Jack pushed her hands away. "I'm fine! Geeze, way to go Nyan!"

"If you are fine Colonel, do you wish to tell us what occurred while you held the cube?"

"No, Sir. Not, really, Sir. But, I don't have a choice do I, Sir."

"Correct, Jack. Now what happened?"

"I had a meeting with Oma Desala, Sir" He looked round at the stunned faces. "It's not the first time either. I had an earlier meeting with her at the warehouse. But it wasn't as long or as informative as the most recent one. I've no idea where we were, except it looked like Abydos and it was in the middle of a sandstorm. Basically she told me that Daniel is the Light and in the not to distant future he will be meeting whatever is the Darkness and he is going to need the support of all of us. Oh, and he has a long and difficult path to face before he even meets the Darkness."

"That was all?" Sam asked.

"That's all?! Geeze, Carter don't you think that is enough?!" Sam gave Jack an apologetic look.

"Ok, people I think that's more than enough for this briefing. Keep me informed and Doctor I will let you know when we will be able to move Dr Jackson out of the Mountain."

Janet gave him a grateful nod and left the room. Nyan followed with Jack not to far behind. Carter and Teal'c stayed with Hammond to discuss Simmons. Jack deliberately slowed his walked to allow Janet and Nyan to get well ahead of him. When he thought it was safe enough he changed direction and headed towards the room where Simmons was located.

'Look out Buddy Boy! Your worst nightmare is about to pay you a visit!' Jack thought as he turned the corner and into the corridor where the room was located.

Part 2

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