The Joys of Youth - Slash, AU - Daniel touches something he shouldn't and Jack is not a happy camper!


May the Force... A Joys of Youth Halloween Fic  - Slash, AU - Daniel has fun at the Annual SGC Halloween Party


A Joys Christmas Interlude - Slash, AU - Daniel kicks back and relaxes



Music Vids

Abyss (24 mb) - Jack's guardian angel watches over him.  An episodic vid with Robbie Williams' Song Angels.


Abyss 2 (14 mb) - Episodic vid with still pictures added.  Song this time by Enya, Fallen Embers.


Lost City (48 mb) - Episodic vid from the mystical Ancient angle.  Music: The Memory of Trees by Enya.  The title of the music just shouted Jack to me for some reason *shrug*


Lost City 2 (64 mb) - Episodic vid, but this time looking more at the military/battle angle.  Music: Sanctus from The Armed Man by Karl Jenkins


Lost City Again (33 mb) - Okay, I admit it, I'm a Lost City Junkie.  I love this episode to bits!!!  So, yeah, I keep playing with it.  This version has still pics interspersed with the episode clips.  The song is May It Be by Enya from Lord of The Rings.


SG1 (49 mb) - My tribute to THE TEAM.  Though I admit there is more Jack and Daniel in this than Sam and Teal'c.  Music by Vangelis from the film 1492 (Conquest of Paradise)


Jack - Through the Years (15 mb) - Jack from Children of the Gods to Stargate Universe.  Mostly still pictures of Da Man.  Music if the Theme by David Arnold for Stargate the Movie.


The Shroud (26 mb) - Is anyone listening to Daniel?  A episodic vid with Robbie Williams' song Feel. 


Daniel Jackson: Trouble Magnet (50 mb) - The title I feel says it all!  Song I See Red by Clannad


Through the Years (25 mb) - 10 years of Stargate SG1 compressed into four minutes and twenty two seconds with a load of yummy still pictures to look at as well as some action.  Music is Lough Erin Shore by The Corrs


Jack and Ba'al (22 mb)- My tribute to the best evil guy evah and the good guy the sparks him off every time!  Music is Tempus Vernum by Enya.


The Path (70 mb)- Every path leads back home.  Daniel just needs to find his way.  A Meridian vid to music from The Armed Man by Karl Jenkins.


Meridian (60 mb)- A episodic vid.  Song, Everyone Hurts by The Corrs.  Hankies will be needed!!



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