Jack waved a dismissive brow at his archaeologist’s pout. “It’s your own fault, you know.”

“My fault?” Daniel huffed indignantly, “You’re the one who made the snide remark about Sam’s ‘dainties.’ You should have known Urgo was gonna jump on it.”

“Well, you’re the one who was so damn curious about the difference between cotton and silk,” Jack countered. “It was your query on the subject that heightened his need to experience the contrast, so put those on and get over here and let me feel your ass.”

Shooting a murderous scowl Jack’s way, Daniel frowned at Sam’s purloined panties.


Hooking the elastic waistband of Sam’s undies over his index finger, Daniel gripped the fabric and pulled it taut. Aiming them at the older man, he let loose, sending the panties sailing over Jack’s shoulder. “I’m not wearing those.”

Bending with a grunt, Jack snatched up the delicate drawers. “Well, Urgo’s insisting that I get a good handful of that silky fabric, so unless you’re okay with me wrapping my mitts around Carter’s ass, you’d better get to shucking those boxers and slip into the bikinis.” An expectant smirk tweaking his lips, Jack extended the panties to his resistant partner.


Sneering ill-tempered concession, Daniel plucked the panties from Jack’s grasp. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“It’s a small price to pay for an evening of silence,” Jack contended. “You know Urgo wasn’t gonna shut up until we let him get a feel of Carter’s shiny underthings.”

Dropping his boxers, Daniel kicked them aside and, bending low, stepped into Sam’s silk bikinis. Deliberately avoiding any movement that might even remotely appear feminine, he pulled the soft material up his legs, and over the firm globes of his ass. “Wow, this stuff feels nice. It really glides smoothly over the skin.”


“I think I could tolerate these if they weren’t pink,” Daniel decided. He thrust his backside in Jack’s direction. “Let’s get this over with. Go ahead; give ‘em a good rub.” 
A strangled gasp sounded behind him. “Is it possible you and Carter have the same size hips?”

Daniel turned, eyes narrowed to angry slits. “You’ve noticed the size of Sam’s hips?”

“No! I just figured since these… fit… you must…” Jack flailed a hand near Daniel’s lower back, “be close…”

Daniel wriggled, tugging the waistband. “Not really. This thing’s biting me.”

“Oh. I could bite you instead,” Jack offered helpfully.


Whirling, Daniel threw up his hand, cop-like, halting Jack’s advance. “No. No biting, licking or sniffing. Just touch the damn underwear and let me get out of them.”

“You said they were comfy,” Jack sulked.

“I said the fabric was comfy. The panties themselves are too snug and starting to cut off circulation to vital places.” Groaning, Daniel bowed his legs and tucked his fingers between the offending garment and his groin.

“Ooh, that’s not good,” Jack cringed in sympathy. “But, if it’s any consolation, they look amazing from the back. Much better than I’d imagine they do on Carter.”


Daniel gasped. “You’ve imagined Sam in her underwear?”


“He is now,” a sing song voice declared from the corner.

Head snapping around, Jack glared into empty space. “Urgo, stay out of this. You agreed to be quiet tonight.”

“Not until you fulfill your part of the bargain.” A portly bearded cherub popped into existence directly in Jack’s line of sight. “Silk for silence.” Lashes fluttered over exaggeratedly sad eyes. “You promised.”

Jack’s eyes squinched, irritation racing across his features. He turned to Daniel, mouth open to explain. Meeting the scathing stare of his partner, his jaw snapped audibly shut.   


“He’s thinking it now, too,” Urgo tattled, chortling and waggling an amused finger.

“Hey! That’s just a reflection of Jack’s thoughts,” Daniel objected, but Jack’s contrite pucker swiftly morphed into a smug grin.

“Yeah, this brain link is pretty sweet, huh?” he smirked. “Which is why it’s a good thing Carter’s twisted her knee and is sleeping off Fraiser’s painkiller.”

Daniel shook his head. “She’s sleeping, Jack, not unconscious. She’s still connected and will probably know what’s going on at some point.”

“Nah, all she’ll know is she’s had an incredibly hot dream. And those panties have a starring role.”


Slapping his hands together, Urgo bounced with glee. “Oh, wonderful. But poor Sammie, she doesn’t know what she’s missing. Hey, we should invite the big guy. He’s part of the network.”

“We are not turning this into a group event,” Daniel grumbled.

“I gotta go with Daniel on this. T knows the score, but that doesn’t mean I want to share Daniel’s luscious ass with him.”

Daniel quirked a sarcastic brow. “Thanks, Jack.”

“It’s bad enough Urgo’s here. But, I guess, since there’s no other way I would have gotten you into Carter’s underwear, I should cut him some slack.”


“Okay,” Daniel sighed, “let’s get on with it. These things are crushing my manhood.”

“Yeah, alright. Turn around,” Jack directed.

Once again, Daniel presented his silk-covered backside. Licking his lips hungrily, Jack slid his palm firmly over the shiny surface.

“Ooh, that’s nice,” Urgo twittered.

“Hey!” Jack barked, interrupting the fondling to shake a finger at the hologram. “You had better be talking about the underwear, Bucko. The deal was you experience the silk, not the archaeologist.”

Huffing impatiently, Daniel spun to face his partner. “Jack, can we just… oh.” As his lingerie-encased groin collided with Jack’s strong hand, Daniel shuddered.


Instinctively, Jack wrapped his hand around the flesh swelling beneath it.

Daniel pushed to his toes, thrusting his burgeoning cock into the fist. “Jack. Oh, shi-it… feels incredible.”

“Yeah?” Maintaining constant pressure, Jack slid his hand up the shaft. Pinching the head, he squeezed, easing off a bit before repeating the move.

“Jack!” Daniel lurched, rubbed his groin against his partner then slumped, releasing a hoarse groan into Jack’s shoulder.

“Very nice,” Urgo murmured approvingly.

Grinning, Jack hugged his lover to keep him upright. Placing a kiss on Daniel’s temple, he chuckled, “I hope Carter doesn’t need those panties back.”


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