By Carlyn


“The Abydonians have the right idea. BDUs and desert sand are definitely a bad combination.”

Bitching out loud may seem pointless in an empty room, but the fact is, I’m most loquacious when I’m by myself. When there’s no one else around to talk at me or over me.

I don’t often find myself alone in the locker room this soon after a mission, though. I didn’t think I had been sidetracked that long, but it looks like the rest of the team has showered and cleared out already.

“God, that stuff’s abrasive.” Quickly unbuttoning my pants, I snake a twitching hand down to my inseam, sliding the fingers between the material of my underwear and my skin, freeing the grains of sand trapped in my crotch.

“Okay, all that did was make me more aware of its presence.”

Suddenly, I can’t get out of my clothes fast enough. Hooking my thumbs into the waistband of my briefs, I push down, taking the underwear and my BDUs over my ass in one smooth motion, bending my knees at the same time, so I end up plopping my bare butt on the bench behind me. With a speed that impresses even me, I’m sitting naked, flicking stray granules from my inner thighs.

Leaving my contaminated uniform where it fell, I snag a towel, my soap and shampoo and head gratefully for the shower.

Making my way to the communal bath, I purposefully slap by feet against the floor, sending little waves of water fleeing from the pools left by those who came before me. I’m so engrossed in the activity that it takes me a few seconds to realize there’s a fine, warm mist in the air. Then I hear it – the unmistakable hiss of a running shower.

So, not alone.

Coming around the tile-covered barrier, I keep my gaze low so as not to offend or embarrass. The sight that greets me freezes me in my tracks.

You’d think with all the moisture in the air that my mouth would be plenty wet, but right now I couldn’t produce enough spit to lick a stamp. My mouth went as dry as that desert we just came back from the minute I spied those narrow ankles.

His back is to me so I don’t think he even knows I’m here. Slipping back so that the half wall shields me from his view, I wonder that I don’t feel like a pervert watching with such rapt fascination as he goes through his ablutions.

I don’t make a habit of ogling my teammate in the shower like this – mostly because the opportunity to do so unobserved has never presented itself before. Ordinarily, Teal’c would be here too. There’s something about having a large, imposing figure of a Jaffa looking over your shoulder that tends to keep one’s eyes from wandering where they shouldn’t.

Yeah, shouldn’t. I shouldn’t be lurking here slowly raking my male teammate with lust-filled gazes. It’s a risky endeavor.

While I believe we’re as close as two guys can be without… that, I’m not sure how he’d take it, learning that his best guy pal wants to be his best gay pal.

Raising my eyes, following the extensive line of his muscular leg, I remind myself that I could be compromising our friendship, my position on the team, my livelihood even, by surrendering to the temptation to gaze upon his lovely nakedness.

But just above those legs is an ass that would make the Pope himself recant his vow of celibacy. Two perfectly sculpted glutes, so firm and smooth, there ought to be a law against covering them. Except that then no one would get any work done.

His buttocks clench slightly when he shifts his stance, jutting his right hip out to move closer to the caddy holding his shower gel. I detect the faint pop of the top and immediately my nostrils flair, opening wide to draw in that intoxicating woodsy fragrance, so invitingly familiar.

The long muscles in his back bunch as he lifts the washcloth, infused with that sublime scent, and glides it over his shoulders and across the back of his neck. The generous suds spill downward, collect in the groove of his spine and, directed between those exquisite mounds, glide down the inside of his sinfully long leg on their way to the drain.

I close my eyes and retrace the path those soap bubbles traveled, envisioning those broad shoulders and strong back beneath my hands, glistening in forest-scented perspiration as I nestle myself between those flawless globes. His back arches, and I glide in effortlessly, his hot, tight channel opening in joyful welcome. Draping myself across that powerfully built frame, I hook my chin over his collarbone, and just relish the feel of him under me, around me.

I blow gently into the ear placed so propitiously beneath my mouth, and he tips his head sideways, his long, elegant lashes skimming his cheek before fluttering upward, revealing sparkling, hypnotically beautiful eyes.

‘I love you,’ he whispers with those soft, sensuous lips.

I moan… and my eyes shoot open.

Shit! Did I do that out loud?

I get my answer a second later. Glancing across the tiled floor, I see the object of my fantasy turn, pivoting from the waist up to look in my direction.

Ducking behind the partial wall, I ball my towel in front of my burgeoning cock and pray that he’ll attribute the sound to faulty plumbing.

“You gonna stand out there all day? Or are you coming in?”


Well, now I have two choices. I can slink away, pretend I was never here and hope I can get dressed and out of the locker room before he finishes showering. Or I can take another risk, expose my… interest in his anatomy – which, let’s face it, isn’t going away any time soon – and pray he’s as gracious and understanding as I believe he is.

“Come on, Jack. What’s the matter, you shy all of a sudden?”

Oh, a challenge. My Danny knows me so well. Okay, risk it is.

I pop up boldy, not nearly as erect as the little colonel, but upright nonetheless.

I feel my Adam’s apple bobbing so I know I’ve swallowed, but I swear, there’s not a drop of moisture in my throat.

He’s standing there with his back to me still, legs splayed, those perfect buns clenched again, ever so enticingly. He glances at me over his shoulder, blue eyes flashing, strobe-like, a product of his rapidly batting lashes.

A timid, hesitant grin pulls at his lips, widening into a dazzling, full-on smile as I flip my towel over my shoulder and step around the wall. His eyes dart quickly downward and up again, his tongue skating over his bottom lip.

“So, Jack. You headed home after?” He cocks his head towards the steamy spray.

“Yeah,” I say nonchalantly, tossing the towel on the wall and walking into the shower. “You wanna come over?”

Not everyone can do casual with a raging hard on.

“Actually,” he breathes, his eyes, half-lidded with lust, drinking me in, “I was thinking more along the lines of coming under.”

Sweet Mother…

Okay, ordinarily at a time like this, any reference to mothers would freak me out. But I’m suddenly struck by something my own dear mother was fond of saying: ‘There is nothing worth having that doesn’t involve some risk in its acquisition.’

I honestly don’t know if she was quoting some long dead famous statesman or just bullshitting a stubborn kid who hated homework with her homespun philosophies, but right now, at this moment in time, I consider this bit of motherly advice divinely inspired.

Only a fool would ignore such sage counsel.

My mother didn’t raise no fools.

When I came in here I thought the biggest thing I had to risk was my friendship with Daniel. But the fact is, if we get involved, and we’re found out, I’d surely face a dishonorable discharge and the possible loss of my pension. I could even end up in prison.

So is a relationship with Daniel worth taking that risk?  

I skid up to him on the soap-slicked tiles and, under pretence of keeping my footing, settle a tentative hand on his hip. He inhales the tiniest gasp through barely parted lips. Lips that are just begging to be tasted.

Well, duh! No brainer there.

I took a risk when I let Daniel see how I felt about him and that seems to be working out okay. At least I’m gonna take it as a good sign that he’s pulled my hand from his hip and lifted it, sucking my fingers into his mouth.

Ever the optimist, that’s me.

So, the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward, right? In this case maybe a lifetime of love and mind-blowingly hot sex with the most beautiful man on this or any number of other planets.

I slip my finger out of his mouth and cup the back of Daniel’s head, pulling him in to claim those full, luscious lips.

Yep, gonna follow momma’s advice. She always did know best.


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