By Carlyn

Daniel woke with a shout, his hand automatically searching for the source of the clanging which had startled him from his doze. Clearing his throat, he punched the ‘talk’ button on his cordless phone. “Daniel Jackson.”


Daniel sat up, rubbing his eyes.

“Hey,” he responded, suppressing a yawn. “What time is it?”

“Early. You should be sleeping.”

“Then why are you calling me?”

“Because I knew you wouldn’t be sleeping.” Having known Daniel for nearly ten years – the last two in the Biblical sense - Jack was all too aware that Daniel tended to lose sleep when faced with a challenge. Like how to get rid of the Ori.

“Actually, I was,” Daniel snapped defensively.

“In your bed?”

Daniel glanced down at the table where his laptop and notebooks were scattered. And where, until the phone woke him, his head had rested. Pursing his lips in irritation at Jack’s inclination to mother hen – even from 1,500 miles away, Daniel decided a change of subject was warranted.

“So, what are you up to?”

“Getting ready for another exciting day at the office,” Jack sing-songed. “You going off world today?”

Jack had no qualms about talking freely. On a visit with the couple just before Jack moved to Washington, Thor had asked how they expected to continue their relationship with such a great distance between them and no beaming technology readily available. Jack conceded that it would be difficult since both he and Daniel were potential targets for surveillance, by friends as well as enemies, which meant they probably couldn’t even engage in phone sex. When Thor offered to install a snoop-free devise on their home and cell phones, their simultaneously shouted “Yes!” had brought what passes as a smile to the face of the normally stoic Asgard.

Daniel grunted, bringing Jack back from his retrospection.

“Actually, I just got back from another planet,” the linguist said unemotionally. “Another plague-ridden, Ori-defiled planet. At this rate, they’ll own a quarter of the population in our galaxy before the year is out.” 

Cringing at the defeat he heard in Daniel’s voice, Jack fervently wished he could be in Colorado Springs. But this was what they had now.

Since learning about Daniel’s encounter with the Ori, Jack had called his partner every day or so, assuming Daniel was on Earth, to commiserate and offer emotional support. He always tried to lighten Daniel’s mood a little, too, but so far this conversation was not having the desired effect.

Remembering that he and Daniel might have an opportunity to see each other again in the near future, Jack infused his voice with enthusiasm, “So, I hear you’ll be in Washington next week.”

“Yeah. Thanks by the way. The chairman of the Appropriations Committee has agreed to review the information on the Ori Supergate. For all the good it’ll do us.” The last sentence was barely audible.

Jack winced, but his voice did not register his dismay at Daniel’s disheartened attitude.

“Think you’ll have time for dinner while you’re here?”

“Sure,” Daniel replied.

Jack smiled. Finally, something to cheer Daniel up.

“But it’ll have to be quick,” Daniel continued. “We have a 10 p.m. flight back to Colorado.”

Jack’s smile faded. “So, no nooky.”

Daniel grinned but his amusement did not reach his voice. “Not this trip.”

“It won’t always be like this, you know,” Jack said encouragingly. “Once you get a handle on these Ori we’ll have such a reunion... candles, flowers, the whole nine yards. Talk about your romance. Romeo and Juliet will have nothing on us.”

Daniel snorted then chuckled softly. “We can only hope...” Daniel sighed. “And dream,” he added wistfully.

“That’s your cue,” Jack said with mock sternness. “Go to bed. Bed, bed.”

“Aren’t you gonna talk dirty to me?” Daniel’s words were garbled around a yawn.

“Not tonight. It would only keep you up.” Jack’s mouth quirked at the unintentional double entendre. “And you need your sleep. Gotta stay sharp for the Committee,” he teased.

When, after a few seconds, there was no response, Jack prodded gently, “Daniel?”

“I miss you,” Daniel sighed sadly.

“I miss you, too,” Jack responded, resolutely keeping the sadness he felt out of his own voice. “Get some sleep. Dream good dreams.”

“’Kay. Goodnight.”

“’Night, love.”

As Daniel cut the connection, Jack’s endearment echoed in his brain, lightening his burden.

Yes, the Ori were kicking ass and taking names all over the galaxy. Yes, his time with Jack had been severely reduced in the past year.

But Jack loved him, unconditionally, happy or despondent, successful in battle, or not. And he loved Jack the same way.

As long as he had that, his dreams would indeed be sweet.

The End


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