By Carlyn


Dr. Daniel Jackson nodded and smiled politely at the trio of women who strolled idly by, eyeing him hungrily. One of the women paused, turning back as if to approach him. Daniel stiffened then blew out a relieved breath, saved from having to rebuff her advances when her friends grabbed the woman’s arms and pulled her along with them back to their table, a stream of drunken giggles trailing in their wake.

Daniel shook his head and again scanned the crowd for the familiar silver head of his lover. ‘What possessed me to agree to this?’ he wondered, while his eyes skittered from one nondescript face to the next and references to needles and haystacks flitted across his mind. Hunting for one six-foot-two colonel in a sea of seething, undulating bodies with only the reflected illumination from a spinning disco ball – and was that really necessary? – was proving too much for his strained, myopic gaze.

Daniel pulled off his glasses, holding them suspended in lax fingers, and eased a knuckle into his right eye. Tipping his wrist up to his face, he glanced again at his watch. It had been nearly fifteen minutes since Jack had positioned him against the wall with instructions not to wander off, while Jack headed to the bar for something more substantial than the complimentary white wine sitting on every table.

Settling his glasses back on his face, Daniel grinned at the happy couple as they whirled by on the dance floor. Thirty-five years. That was quite a milestone, well worthy of celebration. Absently, Daniel wondered if he and Jack had that kind of staying power. They had ‘dabbled’ at a relationship prior to his ascension, but it was only since he’d rejoined the corporeal rat race that they’d finally had the guts to admit what they really meant to each other. But whether or not that translated into lasting love… there were so many obstacles to a union like theirs.

Trevor and Molly emerged from the crowd, smiling happily in Daniel’s direction, before making their winding way back to the head table. Watching them stop occasionally to accept the well wishes of their guests, Daniel smiled and closed his eyes, recalling the events that had brought him here.

“Trevor and Molly Heath,” Jack stated dreamily, flipping the invitation over to gaze at the serene mountain landscape on the cover. “I met them in the summer of 1970.”

Handing the invitation over to Daniel, Jack settled himself on the couch. “That was my last free summer,” he said, his voice taking on a nostalgic tone. “Two and a half months between high school graduation and the date I was due to check in at the Academy. I managed to talk my folks into letting me backpack the Appalachian Trail, or at least as much of it as I could cover in the time I had.” He glanced up at the younger man, who stood over him, a surprised look on his face.

“Your parents let you hike through the wilderness alone?” Daniel had no question of this Jack’s ability to do just that without difficulty, but in the summer of 1970 Jack would have been a comparatively inexperienced seventeen-year-old boy.

“Uh, no.” Glossing quickly over his response, Jack returned to his narrative as though he had never been interrupted. “I met Trevor and Molly in Virginia. They were celebrating their first anniversary.” His wistful expression turned bright, a brilliant smile lighting his features. “They weren’t that much older than I was but, apparently, I looked like I needed surrogate parents because they sorta latched onto me and made it their mission to ensure I didn’t starve or get eaten by bears.”

Snatching the invitation from Daniel’s slack grip, Jack smiled again at the caption ‘Thirty-Five Years and Still Going Strong…’ “God, it’s so great to know they’re still together. We stayed in touch while I was at the Academy. They came to my and Sara’s wedding. I even managed to send them postcards from the places where the Air Force sent me on unclassified missions.” He paused, a convulsive gulp interfering with the flow of his words. “Then Charlie… well, you know how lousy I was at communication after that.” Jack’s smile turned self-censuring for a second, before he said with undisguised anticipation, “It’ll be good to see them again.”

“They’re renewing their vows?” Daniel gestured at the card in Jack’s hand.

“Yeah. Pretty amazing, huh?”

“It is,” Daniel agreed. “You should go. Reconnect.”

Jack’s face swung upward, his brows raised. “You don’t want to come with?”

Daniel shrugged and moved to sit heavily next to his lover. “I won’t know anybody there.”

“Like that’s a big obstacle for you, Mr. ‘I’ve Never Met a Stranger,’” Jack smirked. “Besides, I’m not going to know anyone either. Other than Trevor and Molly.”

“You didn’t travel in their circle of friends that summer?”

“What circle? We were on a mountain trail. It was me, Molly, Trevor and… other people hiking trail.”

“Mmm.” Daniel’s lips twitched tensely. “What was his name?”

Pulling a quick breath, Jack exhaled a gusty sigh. “Jeremy,” he confessed. He paused, his gaze rolling upward, obviously contemplating whether to say more. Grinning vaguely, he shifted to face Daniel, locking his dark eyes with his lover’s soft blue ones.

“We grew up together; his family lived just down the road from mine. He was a year older and, honestly, I worried that once he went to high school he wouldn’t be interested in hanging out with me any more. But, we stayed close. Actually,” Jack chuckled, his mouth tilting in a sentimental grin, “he practically lived at our place his senior year. My dad thought the world of him.”

Aware suddenly that he was a tad too demonstrative in his reminiscences, Jack gently cleared his throat. “Anyway, Jeremy was sort of restless after graduation. He didn’t want to go to college, so he hung out and did odd jobs that year before our trip. Right after I left for the Academy, he wrote and told me he’d enlisted in the Marine Corp.”

“Your folks never suspected he was gay?”

“Shit, Daniel, they didn’t even suspect I was gay,” Jack rejoined brusquely, pushing himself off the couch to pace the room. “If my folks had had any idea I was going off with my best friend not so much to backpack the mountains, but to take what might be my last chance to get my rocks off with another guy …”

“They trusted him,” Daniel concluded.

“Don’t say it like that,” Jack snapped, louder than he had intended. “It’s not like he seduced me or anything. I knew what I was doing.”

“Why are you so defensive?” Daniel resisted the unaccountable urge to increase the challenge by getting in Jack’s face, choosing instead to keep his seat on the couch. “I wasn’t attacking him.”

“No? It sounds to me like you’re jealous.”

“Wha-?” Daniel sputtered, sliding to the edge of the cushion. “What do I have to be jealous about? Because he was the first guy you let fuck you? Thirty five years ago?” 

Though he purposely made the idea sound utterly ridiculous, Daniel was dismayed to realize he did feel a stirring of envy for the man who was Jack’s ‘first.’ Was his and Jack’s relationship that flimsy?

Moving over next to Daniel, Jack fell onto the couch with a grunt. “I guess when you put it that way…” he began grudgingly, letting the thought trail off. “Incidentally, it was thirty four years ago.”

Daniel offered an appeasing grin. “I stand corrected,” he said graciously.

Nothing more was said for several moments, during which time, Daniel furtively observed the faraway cast to Jack’s eyes as they scanned the photo on the invitation. Redirecting his gaze to the hands fidgeting in his lap, he asked quietly. “Did you love him?”

Throwing a quick glance in Daniel’s direction, Jack shrugged. “Maybe,” he said, staring again at the invitation. “Hell, I don’t know. I was seventeen. What did I know about love?”

Nodding absently, Daniel flicked his tongue between dry lips before venturing, “Did you stay in touch with him?”

“No. I was going into the Air Force, so maintaining contact with the guy I had just spent the summer humping seemed like a really bad idea.”

Daniel blinked, unsure whether he had actually seen regret pass over Jack’s features with his sad smile.

“Think he’ll be there?” Daniel tipped his head at the invitation in Jack’s hand.

“Maybe. If Molly was able to track him down, I’m sure she would have sent him an invitation.”

Daniel leaned over and took the card from Jack. Sitting back, he studied it a moment. “Um… you sure you want me to go?”

“What? Of course I want you go, Daniel,” Jack said enthusiastically, gripping Daniel’s thigh. “I want to show you off.”

“Jack,” Daniel scolded, blushing furiously.

“Daniel,” Jack responded, drawing out his lover’s name, the spark of amusement morphing instantly to lust at the sight of Daniel’s discomfiture. “You do realize,” Jack said softly, leaning in to nuzzle in Daniel’s neck, “we could be completely open there. If I wear civvies, no one will know I’m military except Trevor and Molly, and they’d never give me away.”

Knowing his curiosity could re-ignite the jealousy argument, Daniel nevertheless quietly asked, “And if Jeremy does show up?”

“Jeremy won’t be a problem,” Jack replied assuredly, pushing his chest against Daniel’s until the younger man lay beneath him on the couch…

“Hey.” A voice said loudly enough to be heard over the music.

Daniel opened his eyes, blinking several times to resolve the real time images that met them.

Jack stood beside him, holding a napkin-wrapped Vodka Collins in his direction, an inquisitive smile tugging at his lips.

“Where were you just now?” Jack asked, taking a slug of his beer.

Accepting the drink, Daniel sidled closer to his lover, intending to take advantage of their freedom and his memories of that satisfying afternoon on Jack’s couch. Before he’d taken more than a step, he was jostled roughly aside, the bump causing his drink to slosh over the top of the tall glass in his hand.

“Jack! Oh my god, is that really you?” A tall, well-built, mostly still-blonde older man pulled Jack into an intimate embrace.

Scrubbing agitatedly at the spot on his silk tie, Daniel watched as Jack purposefully extricated himself from the firm grasp of the larger man.

“Jeremy,” Jack said breathlessly, apparently having had the wind knocked out of him in the initial impact with the muscular body. “Hey. I didn’t think you’d be here. I mean, when you didn’t show up at the renewal ceremony…”

“Ah, got held up on business,” Jeremy explained, his hand refusing to release its hold on Jack’s arm. “God, you look great!” His smile showing way too many teeth, Jeremy raked lecherous eyes over his old friend, pointedly ignoring the bespectacled man standing stiffly on Jack’s right side.

Taken aback by the attention, Jack shook himself visibly. “Where are my manners? Jeremy,” he said, turning quickly so that the hand was dislodged, “this is Daniel Jackson.”

Sticking out his right hand, Daniel segued effortlessly into peaceful explorer mode and offered what he hoped was a friendly smile. “Nice to meet you, Jeremy.” Surprising even himself, he added, “I’m Jack’s SO.” Cutting his eyes to his lover’s, he noted with satisfaction that Jack made no effort to contradict him.

Given no option but to acknowledge the younger man, Jeremy gripped the proffered hand, cocking an eye at Jack. “Superior Officer?” he asked, openly amused by the notion.

Daniel’s smile faded, and he released their handshake with a slight flick of his wrist. Clearing his throat quickly, he stepped closer to Jack. “Significant Other,” he corrected forcefully.

Jeremy’s amusement ramped down a few notches, the corners of his mouth twitching into a sneer, a look that, if it could speak the sentiment would sound like ‘We’ll see about that.’ He looked Daniel over from top to bottom, clearly not recognizing the younger man as someone he would consider serious competition for Jack’s attention.

Turning back to Jack, he asked with obvious interest. “That gay in the military thing’s not slowing you down any more, huh?”

“Well,” Jack chuckled softly, “no one’s asked.” Looking the man pointedly in the face, he added, “And I’m not telling…”

Jeremy’s quick nod conveyed his understanding. “Been there myself, Jack. I’m cool.”

Before Jack could respond, Molly swept into the middle of the group. “Jeremy?” She stood on her toes and threw her arms around his neck. “Oh, I’m so glad you made it.” Releasing her hold, Molly turned and called into the crowd of people behind her, “Trevor!” When her husband emerged from the throng, she gestured at Jeremy. “Look who’s here.”

Daniel stepped back so that Trevor could get access to his old friend.

“Hey, Jeremy,” Trevor said gripping the other man’s hand. “God, it’s been ages. Look at you. You haven’t changed a bit.”

Already feeling a bit like a fifth wheel, Daniel narrowed his eyes and shifted agitatedly when Jeremy threw him a look that indicated his presence was not welcome at this reunion.

“Dr. Jackson?”

Daniel started. He’d been so focused on Jack’s former lover that he had failed to detect the arrival of the dark-haired young woman now standing before him, smiling shyly.

“Daniel,” he corrected automatically, though she was very likely half his age. Recalling that they’d talked about her college Anthropology course in the buffet line, Daniel also retrieved her name from his memory. “Tina, right?”

“Yes.” Her smile grew with her confidence, bolstered by the fact that he had remembered her name. “Um, would you… would you like to dance?”

Pulling his attention away from her for a second, Daniel found that the driving disco beat had slowed considerably into the soft, stirring rhythm of a ballad.

“Go ahead, Daniel,” Jeremy prodded, with a fiendish grin. “We’ll keep Jack out of trouble for you.”

Dragging his irritated gaze over the blonde man, Daniel raised a questioning brow at Jack.

“Yeah, go ahead,” Jack encouraged with a soft smile. “I’ll wait here for you.”

Returning his lover’s smile, Daniel nodded thanks to Molly, who offered to take his drink. Flashing a flinty glare at Jeremy, Daniel rested his hand in the small of Tina’s back guiding her onto the dance floor.

“I think someone’s jealous,” Jeremy snorted as they moved away.

Daniel stiffened but refused to rise to the bait. He trusted Jack and knew his lover wouldn’t let Jeremy get out of line. Besides, he hadn’t left them alone; Molly and Trevor were there to chaperone.

Deciding he should concentrate on the young woman who had courageously risked rejection to approach him for a dance, Daniel took Tina’s hand, spinning her gracefully, and guided her lithe body against his own. Enfolding her in his embrace, he brought the hand he held to his lips, placed a chaste kiss on her knuckles and smiled pleasantly into her stunned grey eyes.

Daniel conducted them expertly around the dance floor. Resisting the urge to check on Jack and Jeremy each time his line of sight opened in that direction, he choose instead to lavish his attention on his dance partner. By the time the song ended and Daniel escorted Tina back to her table, the young woman fairly floated beside him.

Noting that the other college coeds seated at her table watched with open admiration, he took the opportunity to again kiss the back of Tina’s hand, thanking her for the dance, and bid them all a fine evening.

Moving away, Daniel smiled self-satisfied at the muffled squeals of envy and delight from the table behind him. The smile instantaneously disappeared at the sight that greeted him as he came through the crowd on the opposite side of the dance floor.

At some point while Daniel had been tripping the light fantastic with Tina, Molly and Trevor had moved on. Obviously wasting no part of the opportunity to spend time alone with his former lover, Jeremy leaned casually against the wall, his body inches from Jack’s. Fingering the sleeve of Jack’s shirt, he darted his gaze seductively between his hand and the other man’s dark eyes.

Quickening his step, Daniel shouldered Jeremy aside, and, with a terse, “Excuse us,” grasped Jack’s wrist. With Jeremy’s chuckled, “Looks like someone’s headed to the woodshed,” reverberating in his ears, Daniel dragged his astonished lover towards the nearest exit.

Initially relieved to be liberated from Jeremy’s advances, Jack quickly grew irritated by his lover’s strong-arm tactics. “Daniel!” Jack pulled hard against the grip.

“Shut up, Jack!” Daniel spat as they approached a heavy steel door.

Pushing down firmly on the catch bar, Daniel shoved against it, careful to back off enough so that the door didn’t slam against the inner wall. Finding that the exit opened onto a stairwell, he yanked Jack through the opening. Spinning him less gracefully than he had Tina, Daniel pressed Jack against the wall, releasing the door for the pneumatic system to close.

“Daniel, what the hell-” Jack began before his complaint was cut off by Daniel’s mouth and the thick, hot tongue striving towards his tonsils.

Pulling ragged breaths through his nose, Jack pushed weakly against the solid body pinning his to the hard surface behind him. A well-toned thigh pressed gently but firmly into his groin and Jack flinched, the strangled sound he uttered not the type generally made by commanding officers.

When the demanding lips finally released him, Jack relaxed into the sturdy hold. Lifting his head as Daniel leaned back, he gazed into the familiar blue eyes of his lover.

Except that the eyes that met his bore little resemblance to Daniel’s. The blue had all but disappeared, the lust-dilated pupils making the usually lustrous eyes dark and possessive.

“I want you, Jack,” Daniel rasped, his fingers kneading the biceps beneath them. Daniel pressed his groin into Jack’s, the hardened proof of Daniel’s desire sending frissons of excitement through Jack’s entire being.

Jack managed, around his stuttered pants, to squeeze out a single word. “Here?”

Daniel’s face twisted into a leering smile that more correctly belonged on a Goa’uld than on Jack’s usually mild-mannered archaeologist. A hand slid down Jack’s arm, snaked around his waist and gripped his right buttock in a painful, pinching grip.

“Here, actually,” Daniel corrected, opening his hand and spreading his fingers across the cleft in Jack’s backside. Taking advantage of the hand clutching Jack’s ass, Daniel pulled the now unresisting colonel towards him so that their hips clashed together in a jumble of sensations that made both men grunt.

Daniel fell against Jack, crushing the colonel between his muscular frame and the wall, and once again caught the older man’s mouth in a bruising kiss. Pulling away forcefully, Daniel laved Jack’s lips with the tip of his tongue then nipped the rosy flesh with the edges of his teeth, eliciting another startled yip.

Smiling smugly at the response, Daniel snuffled his way across Jack’s cheek, gently nuzzling the ear which he found at the end of the trail. He blew softly into the aural canal, waiting just long enough for Jack’s shivers to abate before pushing his moist, hot tongue into the crevices of his lover’s ear.

Daniel’s left hand slipped from Jack’s arm and skated over the material of Jack’s pristine white shirt, coming to rest over the right side of the older man’s chest. Cupping his hand slightly, Daniel ground the heel roughly against Jack’s nipple, humming with satisfaction when he felt the definite swell of interest beneath it.

With a final lick, Daniel removed his tongue from Jack’s ear, released his hold on Jack’s body and took a step back.

Eyes previously closed in mounting ecstasy shot open. Having lost Daniel’s supporting grasp, Jack apparently found it difficult to hold himself up on legs made weak by Daniel’s ministrations. He slapped his hands against the wall to keep himself from collapsing in an undignified heap on the floor.

Regarding his lover’s less-than-correctly-stiff-military bearing with a hard assessing gaze, Daniel reached up and quickly grasped Jack’s belt, glad that they had left their suit coats on the backs of their chairs.

“Don’t move,” he snapped assertively, slipping the end of the leather through the clasp. Daniel’s tongue glided wetly over his lips before the bottom one disappeared into his mouth.

Keeping his eyes locked to Jack’s, Daniel unbuttoned the colonel’s dress slacks and deftly slid the zipper down the front, grinning approvingly at the conspicuous bulge beneath his fingers. Skimming an errant finger up the length of the protuberance, Daniel moved a hand to his own zipper, quickly liberating his corresponding erection.

Simultaneously parting the gap in the fabric of his and Jack’s boxers, Daniel gripped both stiff phalluses, easing them out of their hiding places and, edging closer to Jack, guided his penis side by side with his lover’s.

Fisting both cocks in one hand, Daniel again slid the other around Jack’s hip and cupped the older man’s firm ass, pressing his hips into Jack at the same time he pulled Jack towards him.

Momentarily lost in the sensation, Daniel was quickly brought back to himself by the fingers desperately clutching at his backside, forcing his hips closer to his lover’s.
Letting loose of Jack’s buttocks, while maintaining his grip on their conjoined cocks, Daniel firmly shooed the hands away from his ass, hardening his eyes when Jack glared at him.

“Ah, ah! You’re the one in the ‘woodshed,’ remember?” he scolded, borrowing Jeremy’s description. “I’m the disciplinarian here. You just stand there and take it.”

For a few seconds, Jack just stared and Daniel wondered whether Jack was thinking of arguing with him. Then the older man’s face broke into a broad smile. “God, I love it when you use big words. How many syllables was that one?” He dropped his forehead onto Daniel’s shoulder and sighed contentedly. Lifting his face, he quickly arranged his features into a mask of contriteness. “Alright, I’m all yours. Only… be gentle with me?”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Daniel replied gruffly. Loosening his grip on their cocks, he pulled back, letting his own dick slip from his grasp. “You’ve been a bad boy, Jack,” he growled, fingering Jack’s erection roughly. “Flirting with your former lover while my back was turned?”

Jack lifted a finger in Daniel’s face. “Uh, technically, Jeremy was the one doing the flirting. I was just – ulp!”

“No excuses!” Daniel snarled, wrapping his fist firmly around his lover.

Releasing his chokehold on Jack’s penis, he snatched up his own erection and again placed the members side by side in his fist.  “You’ve been misbehaving, Jack,” Daniel reiterated. “So I think maybe you need a reminder of exactly why it would be a bad idea to wander away from me.”

Jack’s scarred brow jerked skyward. “You’re gonna give me lessons in not wandering away?” he asked dubiously. “I’ve been trying to teach you that for years.”

Daniel’s answering grin bordered on evil. “You just never gave me the right incentive.” He emphasized his point by squeezing his fist and gently pulling on their cocks, his grin widening when Jack’s eyes rolled upward and a whimper issued from his slack mouth. “Now, you just remember I’m in charge here, and everything’s gonna turn out fine.”

“Yes sir.” Jack offered a half-hearted salute at the same time the little colonel strained in Daniel’s grasp.

Glancing down between them, Daniel nodded approvingly. “Looks like everyone’s finally with the program.” 

Lifting his head, Daniel immediately leaned in and covered Jack’s lips with his own, thrusting his tongue into the chamber behind to engage the fleshy organ that rose to meet him. While the wrestling match ensued in Jack’s mouth, Daniel pushed heavily against his mate, angling his hips so that each of his thrusts slid his encircling hand over Jack’s engorged penis. 

A chorus of strangled pants and low moans soon filled the stairwell.

Distantly, Daniel registered a foreign sound echoing in their hideaway. Pulling his mouth away from Jack’s, he cocked an ear upward.

“Wha-?” Jack inquired breathlessly.

“Shh,” Daniel hissed.

The echo resolved into multiple footsteps on the metal stairs above them. The soft, even beats shortly accompanied by feminine mutterings.

“Shit, someone’s coming,” Daniel panted, smirking humorlessly when Jack laid his head on Daniel’s shoulder and groaned, “Wish it was me.”

Cursing himself for forgetting that this stairwell was in a hotel and that guests could be expected to use it occasionally, Daniel glanced around for some place to conceal their tryst. Craning his neck he noticed for the first time that the area beneath the stairs was open, its shadowed dimensions, while cramped, offering the only cover they were likely to find.

Daniel released Jack and pulled away. Grabbing the back of his lover’s shirt, he pivoted on his back foot and propelled the older man into the gloom, lurching quickly behind as two pairs of women’s heels came into view.

Jack stumbled face first against the wall, and Daniel quickly draped himself over his lover’s back, pressing against it, warning Jack in hushed tones to be quiet.

“I don’t know why she stays with him,” one female voice opined judgmentally. “He can be such an asshole.”

“Yeah, but he’s her asshole,” the other voice returned, as the door opened with a noisy clang and the women disappeared through it.

The last word hung heavily in the air, a reminder to Daniel of what lay beneath his groin, separated by only a few layers of cloth. The close confines of their shelter intensified the intoxicating scent of Jack’s arousal and Daniel found it impossible to resist the proximity of the lover’s thoroughly tempting neck. Leaning his shoulder against Jack to keep him in place, Daniel sucked gently on Jack’s nape. He quickly tucked himself in to avoid soiling the seat of Jack’s new suit then ground his hardness into Jack’s backside.

“Oh, I would so love to drill your ass right here,” Daniel moaned huskily, “but all the supplies are in the room.”

“Condom,” Jack muttered as Daniel leaned over and laid a scalding trail of kisses just under his jawbone.

Daniel pulled back abruptly. “Where?”

With Daniel’s weight off him, Jack turned away from the wall and worked a hand into his back pocket. Yanking out his wallet, he unfolded it and fumbled out a shiny two-inch-square foil pouch.

Daniel’s pleased smile multiplied the creases in the corners of his eyes. “That’s my Boy Scout,” he declared with pride. Raising a hand, he flicked the condom out of Jack’s grasp. Sliding the hand around to cradle the back of Jack’s head, he pulled the older man in, capturing the thin lips in a scorching kiss.

When it became apparent that they would have to stop kissing in order to breath, Daniel leaned back and held the package into the light. “This thing’s lubricated but it’s gonna hurt without additional lube,” he warned his lover.

“Lip balm?” Jack suggested, never happier that Daniel liked to keep his lips soft and unchapped – not that that wasn’t a good thing in and off itself.

“Genius,” Daniel praised.

Jack shrugged. “I tend to think faster when it’s my ass on the line.”

Snorting a laugh, Daniel reached as though to remove the lip balm from his coat pocket. He shot Jack a crestfallen look, drawing a frown from his lover.

“Oh, please don’t tell me you left it in your jacket.”

“I don’t know…” Daniel said, frantically patting the pockets of his dress pants. With a muted shout of victory he plunged a hand into his right pants pocket and withdrew the small round container of Hamadi lip balm and a handkerchief. Tucking the handkerchief in his shirt pocket he quickly screwed the lid off the lip balm.

“That’s not the medicated stuff, right?” Jack asked a slight moue of concern puckering his lips.

“Yeah, Jack, I was thinking of slathering my penis with something only slightly less caustic than BenGay,” Daniel said, with a look that completed negated the previous genius comment. “There’s not a lot here.” He tipped the pot in Jack’s direction. “Might not even be enough to cover my dick.”

“I can take it,” Jack assured him with not the slightest bit of fear.

Daniel quirked an amused grin. “A little pumped, are we?” Moving to cover Jack’s body with his own, Daniel nipped at an ear, chuckling softly when Jack shuddered beneath him.

Hardening his features, Daniel resumed his commanding role. “Okay you, up against the wall.” Gripping Jack’s shoulder, Daniel spun his lover with such force that Jack had to reach out to balance himself, his final stance resembling that of a suspect in a classic
“spread ‘em” pose.

Sliding one leg between Jack’s extended ones, Daniel exerted pressure against Jack’s balls with his thigh, noting with pleasure the stuttered gasp the move extracted from his lover.

Pushing his pants off his hips, Daniel dropped his boxers far enough to free his dick. Quickly and with practiced ease, he ripped open the package with his teeth, and removed the condom, one handedly rolling the latex covering over himself. Using two fingers, he scooped out as much of the lip balm as he could get on them and spread it over the condom, dropping both the container and the condom package at his feet.

Sliding his leg out of its nestling place, he turned slightly and, careful to keep the balm covered fingers away from the material, gripped Jack’s pants and boxers, pulling them roughly away from Jack’s hips and down to his knees. Taking advantage of his bent over posture, Daniel leaned his left shoulder into the small of his lover’s back and, reaching beneath Jack’s buttocks with his right hand, poked at the opening with his lip balm-smeared fingers.

As first one, then the second finger entered the tight channel, Jack collapsed his upper body against the wall with a hearty groan, locking his knees tightly, in spite of the discomfort, to keep them from buckling.

When Daniel was sure that he’d prepared Jack as thoroughly as possible under the circumstances, he righted himself and removed the handkerchief from his shirt pocket, quickly cleaning his fingers on the material. Keeping the handkerchief in his grip, he turned and straddled his seemingly limp lover. Wrapping his fingers around Jack’s hips, he lined himself up, bent his knees and, without preamble, pushed his dick slowly into Jack’s ass.

Pausing when he made it past the tight ring and the pressure eased, Daniel readjusted his stance and thrust hard, embedding his cock deep in his lover. Pressing his chest into Jack’s back, he tipped his mouth towards the older man’s ear.

“I’m gonna get so far inside you, you’re gonna feel me for days,” Daniel announced warningly, knowing that they had another day here – another day when they might encounter Jack’s former lover.

Angling his hips Daniel wriggled against Jack’s ass, beaming when the sensation of the tip of his penis scraping across Jack’s prostate elicited a guttural sound that reverberated low in the colonel’s throat and rose, spilling over his lips in a strangled hiss.

“You like that, do you?” Daniel breathed. He repeated the motion as much for his own benefit as for Jack’s, the gentle caress across the head of his cock sending spasms of pleasure down the shaft to his balls.

Releasing his hold on Jack’s hips, Daniel raised his hands and covered the ones Jack had splayed against the wall. Entwining their fingers, he leaned into Jack, tipping his head to nibble at the strong neck.

In response, Jack angled his head away, giving his lover better access. As Daniel snuffled upwards and over his earlobe, Jack relaxed into the sensation of Daniel’s lips brushing over his flesh, closing his eyes in contentment.

At the same moment Daniel felt Jack loosen up, he bent his knees, slowly easing his dick half way out of Jack’s ass. He paused just a second to enjoy Jack’s blissful murmur then lunged upward with all the strength his legs held, pushing fully inside. The momentum flattened the colonel against the wall, pinned in place by the archaeologist draped across him, the cock buried deep within him.

Maintaining their upper body contact, Daniel canted his hips and thrust hard and deep once more, then again, slowing building on the rhythm until both his and Jack’s breaths were coming in heavy gasps.

Daniel extricated his fingers from Jack’s grasp and slipped the hand holding the handkerchief around his lover’s dick, covering the end with the hanky to prevent an embarrassing stain.

Shortly after Daniel began increasing the pace, Jack set up a groaning grunt, a very familiar noise which signified Jack’s passage to completion. Recognizing the signal, Daniel modified his tempo, pounding into Jack with short powerful strokes, while squeezing and gently tugging on Jack’s erection.

Lost in the sensations as Jack approached climax, Daniel nearly missed the steady tapping beat of multiple footfalls above them. Snatching his other hand away from Jack’s, he slapped it over his lover’s mouth, securely sealing it against the anticipated howl of Jack’s orgasm.

Feeling Jack’s anal muscles tighten around his cock, Daniel bit his lip against his own shout and smothered his whimpered cry against the broad back before him, praying, while his brain was working, that the noise of the crowd’s descent was enough to cover their exaltations.

As the group exited the stairwell and the door again closed them off from unwanted company, Daniel shuddered one last time and collapsed heavily against his lover. He dropped his hand from Jack’s mouth, allowing the arm to dangle limply over the strong shoulder.

For more than a minute, neither man said anything, both preoccupied with replenishing their supply of oxygen. Finally, Jack shifted beneath him and Daniel lifted his head.

“That’s a hell of a note, huh?” Jack gasped irritably, turning to glance into droopy blue eyes. “We paid all that money for a room in a fancy hotel and apparently the elevators don’t work.”

Daniel huffed coarsely at the remark, as well as the insane timing of their mutual release. It was exactly this potential for discovery that had made them agree to not satisfy their desire for one another during off-world missions. The way their luck ran, something urgent would come up on Carter’s watch, and she would burst into their tent just as Jack was shooting his wad down Daniel’s throat.

Sighing deeply, Daniel stiffly righted himself, slipping his now spent dick from Jack’s ass. He dropped a soft peck on the back of the older man’s neck, then, by touch alone, he gathered the edges of the handkerchief in which he cradled Jack’s flaccid cock and swiped the cotton material under and around the penis, cleaning it as best he could. Pulling the condom off his shaft, he tucked it into the handkerchief, retrieved the wrapper and his empty lip balm container from the floor and, adding them to the mix, tied the four ends of the hanky together, tossing the whole mess into the trash can in the corner by the door.

Now that his hands were free, he reached up and straightened his glasses which had been knocked slightly askew some while back.

Jerking his boxers and pants up, Daniel zipped and buttoned then raised his eyes to Jack’s. Immediately, he tipped his head down and turned into the shadows so that Jack would not see the wide, self-satisfied smile that split his face.

Jack had managed to peel himself off the wall and gotten his pants back where they belonged. As Daniel watched from the corner of his eye, Jack tucked in his shirt and fastened his belt. Using the palms of his hands, he smoothed out the wrinkles in his clothing then ran his fingers through his hair, pushing his unruly spikes back into place.

As his lover made himself presentable, Daniel reflected that most people who looked at him would notice that Jack was slightly rumpled, flushed and wore a fine sheen of perspiration on his cheeks and forehead. If they thought anything of it at all, they would believe he had been out on the dance floor working up a sweat.

But what Daniel saw, and what he was fairly certain at least one other person would detect, was the aura surrounding Jack that announced that he had just been well and truly fucked.

Stepping into Jack’s personal space, Daniel pressed his lips to his lover’s, the kiss less intense, more intimate than any they had shared in the stairwell. Parting his lips Daniel deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around the older man’s waist and pulling him snug against his chest. Daniel sighed softly when Jack splayed his hands against his shoulder blades, hugging Daniel with equal fervor.

Reluctantly tearing his mouth away, Daniel stilled, basking for just a second in Jack’s embrace, before he suggested. “We’d better go back to the party before someone comes looking for us.”

Jack’s contented smile faded slightly. “Daniel, I have no interest whatsoever in rekindling things with Jeremy.”

Daniel gazed steadily into Jack’s earnest brown eyes. “I know,” he replied. Taking Jack’s hand, he leaned in for one last kiss then led him to the door, ushering the older man in front of him.

Daniel was not surprised to find that Jeremy was pretty much right where they’d left him.

The tall blond turned in their direction, his eyes riveted to the spot where Daniel exited one step behind Jack. He’d apparently found the vigil thirsty work as at some point while they were gone he’d acquired a beer.

Even from this distance, Daniel could see the smug, all-too-knowing grin Jack’s former lover sported. No doubt he’d interpreted Daniel’s swoop and snatch maneuver as the rage of a jealous lover, who had just dragged his errant partner off for a private, relationship-ending row.

Jeremy wasn’t too far off the mark – Daniel was jealous. Not of Jack, but of this pompous former jock who, Daniel sensed the minute they’d laid eyes on each other, believed he could steal Jack away from him.

But all Jeremy saw was the exterior, the pleasant, seemingly mild-mannered young man in the glasses. What he didn’t realize, and what Daniel himself became aware of only when he saw Jeremy with his paws all over his Jack, was that Daniel cared way too much about his relationship with Jack to allow anything – or anyone – get between them.

Student of human nature that he was, Daniel also figured out pretty quickly that the only way to get through to someone like Jeremy, a man who obviously did his best thinking with his dick, was to match his ‘thinking’ with that of his proposed rival.

Relaxing his pace slightly, Daniel watched with interest and barely suppressed glee, as Jack finally got close enough to Jeremy for the other man to see the truth. The expectant leer dulled, and Jeremy’s supercilious smirk melted into a disappointed frown.

Quickening his step so that he and Jack arrived at Jeremy’s side together, Daniel offered an apologetic smile. “Sorry about that. Jack and I had some, uh, business to take care of.”

Shaken out of his stupor, Jeremy jolted visibly. “Yeah… that’s… Jack, it was great to see you again.”

“You’re going?”

“Yeah, I have an early flight in the morning,” Jeremy said a little too quickly. He paused then and swept his fond gaze from Jack to the young man at his side. Extending his hand, he put on a grudgingly conciliatory grin. “Daniel, you’re a very lucky man.”

Returning a more honest smile, Daniel confirmed, “Yes, I am.”

Jeremy’s eyes returned to Jack and his smile tightened. “Take care,” he said, then turned and walked away.

Staring after Jeremy, a few pieces of the game he hadn’t known he’d been playing fell into place for Jack. Pivoting his upper body towards his lover, he raised an inquisitive brow. “So, you weren’t really mad at me then?”

Daniel had the good grace to blush at being found out. “Maybe a little. But that demonstration,” he jerked his thumb over his shoulder towards their love den, “was really more about letting Jeremy know that you were no longer available.” Wrapping his arm around Jack’s waist, Daniel pulled his lover tight against him, bringing their lips together.

When they parted, Jack shivered. “Ooh, I could get to like this Alpha Daniel persona.”

“Yeah? Wanna see how well he performs when there’s actually a bed at his disposal?” Daniel waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Hey,” Jack said brightly, “we just happen to have a perfectly good bed up in our room.”

Daniel grinned. “Elevators are this way,” he prompted, exerting a bit of pressure on Jack’s hip to steer him.

Spinning dutifully towards the hallway, Jack pulled up short and stole a glance over Daniel’s shoulder, his eyes twinkling mischievously. “I hope that elevator’s not really out of order,” he said with a crooked grin. “I have a feeling that, after today, I’m gonna go seriously weak-kneed every time I get near a hotel stairwell.”


The End

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