Dangerous Discovery - Jack learns a valuable lesson. (humour)


Synergy - Episode tag to Entity. Daniel learns what makes he and Jack such a good team.


The Sound of One Cricket Chirping - Jack has grown weary of the battle. Can Daniel convince him to stay?


Trouncing Obstacles - Is Jack and Daniel's relationship strong enough to survive their encounter with Jack's first lover?

Swept Away - Daniel goes missing and both he and Jack are taken on a wild emotional ride.


To Sleep, Perchance... - In the midst of battle, a moment of calm


My Hero (co authored with Snarky) - What constitutes a hero? Jack has some thoughts.


Mother Knows Best - Words of wisdom from his mother helps Jack make an important decision.


Choices of the Heart - They have no choice, really.


Friendly Reminder - In the aftermath of their mission to P5S-381, Jack and Daniel are too close to the situation to see it with clarity. It’s up to Sam and Teal’c to push them past their disagreements to see what’s really important. 

Yenta - An alien matchmaker helps clue Jack in.


Bound Reflections -: Daniel's ties to the past jeopardize his and Jack's future.

Adult Themes, BDSM, Non-Consensual Sex Acts, Sexual Situations, Violence


Abbreviated Adventure- Stargatedrabbles list challenge - alliteration


First Day of Forever- SSD word prompt challenge – “candy floss, heartbreak, puzzlement.” Forever in a Day tag from two POVs


Of Curiosity and Killing -Jack and Daniel satisfy Urgo’s curiosity, but will Sam kill them when she finds out? (Humor)


Opportunity Knocks- Stargatedrabbles word prompt challenge – “Loaded syringe”


Signs of Life- My first drabble. A Hundred Days tag.

Righting the World - Something in Daniel’s world is off. Jack has the solution.


Arctic Fantasy -: Continuum missing scene.


Countdown to Forever - Jack is ready for a new life. The new year is as good a time as any.


Sibling Rivalry – Carter’s analysis of an alien device leads to trouble for Jack and Daniel and could mean the end of SG-1.

Home – Daniel finds home.

In the Doghouse – SSD word prompt challenge: “towel, avenge, sacrifice, rubber, shadows, whelp, kiss, cream.” Jack’s mouth gets him into trouble again.

Karmic Kiss – Daniel repays a kindness.

Kid fic

Karmic Kiss - Daniel repays a kindness.


Sacrificial Gain - How far would Daniel go to keep Jack in his life?


The Christmas Heart - Part of the Sacrificial Gain Universe.  Will Jack let Daniel have what he really wants for Christmas?


The Bottom Line - To help Teal'c defeat the virtual reality game, Daniel must overcome some long dormant fears.


Late Night Inspiration – Originally published in That Best Portion, a zine for Grant. Daniel is having a difficult time accepting the changes in his life.

Entombed – Injured and alone, Daniel must find a way out of his prison before it’s too late.

Making It Up as We Go Along – Surprised by Jaffa, SG-1 need to think on their feet. Response to Alphabet Challenge on Stargate Drabbles

The Bottom Line – To help Teal’c defeat the virtual reality game, Daniel must overcome some long dormant fears.

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