Assisted – Jack has an unpleasant realization after the events of “Full Circle”.


Big Trouble In Little Colorado Springs – On a quiet night, not all is as it seems.


Breaking Point  - SG-1 and Jacob rendezvous with Teal’c following his escape from Heru’ur


Flame Turns Blue – Fallout from Teal’c’s capture and torture has an effect on the entire team. Sequel to “Breaking Point”.


Circle – The team runs into a slight spot of trouble on an abandoned-for-a-good-reason planet.


Coda – After the events of “Grace”, Sam sees.


Coming Down Glass – She was a tough person; she would be all right in time. Right now, though, she was a little girl who had just lost a mother for the second time in her short life.

Confusion of Truth – After returning to Earth after defeating the Replicators and Apophis (again!), SG-1 has some a major issue to deal with—namely, Teal’c

Cry For The Moon – Jack, trying to cope with Kawalsky’s death

Dearth– Daniel reacts, um, adversely to an accident involving one of his teammates.

Every Square Inch – Uhm, Jack. Naked and wet. Do I really need to say more?

Façade – Jack’s thoughts on his team.

Familiar Territory – Sometimes it is with people we would never consider friends under normal circumstances that we find we have the strongest bonds.

Feeling the Burn – SG-1 has been on edge for months—something finally breaks.

Fight the Good Light – What Jack was really thinking as he revived Daniel in “The Light”.

For Every Action – SG-1, especially one of them, learn that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Ghosts and Coffee Cups – Just a couple of guys getting in touch with their feelings. *Gasp*, but guys don’t do that, do they??

Heightened Security – SG-1 experiences the joys of flying commercially.

How The Mighty – What if the Atenik virus from the “Upgrades” armbands didn’t just poof and disappear out of the human members of SG-1?

I Will Not Take These Things For Granted – Daniel realizes that despite the loss of Sha’re he is not alone.

Jiggle on the Bay – SG-1 aren’t where they want to be for Christmas.

Never Go In Against An Archaeologist – Daniel naked. And wet.

No Such Thing – On their first mission since Sam’s encounter with Jolinar, SG-1 journey to an innocuous planet, where they discover it not to be so innocuous after all.

No title, but I call it Island Paradise Lost in my head – Response to the Island Challenge

Nothing Is Alone – SG-1 has got a long way to go to repair wounds inflicted unintentionally both by Jack’s absence on Edora and his involvement in the sting on Maybourne’s operation. Set closely following “Shades of Grey”.

Obsequy – The remaining members of SG-1 take journeys of their own after the events of “Meridian”.

Once Lost – SG-1, General Hammond and Doctor Fraiser must come to terms with what once was lost suddenly becoming found.

Only Human – Stressful situations force Daniel and Teal’c to delve into the unresolved issues that have sprung up between them after the death of Sha’uri.

Picnic – Whoops, they touched something they shouldn’t have and now they’re in a spot of trouble.

Salvage Operation – Jack and Daniel learn about the changes and constants in their friendship, with the help of some pretty nasty people and circumstances.

So Tonight That I Might See – This is the result of a really, really old challenge (wasn’t writing at the time) to rework an episode of a different TV show into SG-1ese. I’ll tell you the show I stole it from if you ask!

Souvenir – Jack tries to hold on to Daniel. Implied major character death.

Stakes – Sad attempt at humor

Sweetness Follows – Arrom becomes Daniel, and it’s not the easiest transition in the world.

Sympathetic Lies – Jack tries to deal with the aftermath of a disastrous mission.

Veiled Truths – Daniel makes a discovery or two after a disastrous mission. Companion to “Sympathetic Lies”

The Most Wonderful – SG-1 aren’t where they want to be for Christmas.

The Only Vision – Jack knows there’s something going on with at least two of his team members. He aims to figure out what.

The Soul Senses – SG-1 undergoes a lovely test, get a little banged up along the way, and each team member has a brilliant revelation at the end. Okay, that might be stretching it.

Things That Go Bump – A mission gone wrong causes a disaster on the home front.

Darkness to Light - SG-1 encounters some unexpected problems while visiting a seemingly safe planet, which help them handle the events that took place during “Entity”.

Waiting for the Night
Chill of Midnight
Unveiling the Dawn
Radiant Day

Morning Shadows – Last in the series, fits into “Radiant Day”. Hammond muses as the search and rescue team departs and worries as Jack, Daniel and Teal’c’s health is uncertain.

Welcome to the Jungle – Daniel pays the price for an accident offworld

Conversations on Hearts – Someone at the SGC has an admirer of the secret kind. (Janet/Surprise)




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