Ancient Legacy - A familiar face arrives at the SGC asking for help--specifically, Dr. Daniel Jackson's help. This simple request for assistance thrusts Daniel into a fight for his life.


Ancient Power - Sequel to Ancient Legacy. With the knowledge of the Ancients reawakened in him, Daniel finds Ba'al isn't the only one who wants to get their hands on it.


Mercy of Mot - Following Sha're's death, Daniel feels adrift. An offworld mission helps him discover his anchor.


Redux - Jack and Daniel both get a second chance.


Daniel Jackson DOA - Dead. Again


Promises - SG-1's first Christmas. Some promises are hard to keep, but Daniel finds he has friends to help him.


If The Spirit Moves You - Daniel's not quite himself.


Complete - Daniel is separated from his team. He finds something through the gate that he could never have imagined--another reason to survive until his team can find him


Mimesis -  One Shot Fiction - The Minarans seem like a friendly people, but not everything is as it seems.

So Close- Written as a birthday fic for Eilidh17.  Cheryl is so close to her objective.(humor)

Patefactio -   Patefactio--'Revelation'. At the end of The Ark of Truth, the team is celebrating the defeat of the Ori. Geared up and headed through the gate to P3K-546, they find that the fallout from that battle may not be over.


The Sisters Three - What is it with you and alien women?! 


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