The Trouble with Tradition
By Eilidh



Jack dipped his newspaper down and looked over the top at his small son standing before him, head bowed and hands tucked behind his back.  A mask of misery plastered across his little face, Jack instantly knew there was trouble afoot.  “Who died?”

“I fink I have.”

With a chuckle Jack lowered the paper to his lap and crossed his legs.  “That bad, huh?  Whatever the problem is I’m sure we can fix it.”

“I don’t fink so.  Its vewy bad, daddy.  Today is Valentines Day.”

If that was supposed to explain everything, Jack was in serious trouble.  “And?”  He asked brow knitted, eyes wide and questioning.

Lip quivering, Daniel drew his hand out from behind his back and held it out to Jack, a piece of paper pinned to his sleeve.  “I did what Sam told me to do, really I did, but it’s all gone wrong.  I fink I need some legal advice.”

Jack looked at them paper and read down the list, a smile growing on his face.  “So I’m guessing Sam told you to write the name of your Valentine on a piece of paper and pin it to your sleeve, am I right?”

Looking over the list and muttering softly to himself, Daniel nodded and dropped his chin to his chest, uttering a defeated sigh.

“Yep, it’s an old tradition,” Jack agreed barely holding back a chuckle. “Tried and tested, but, Danny, you’re only supposed to put one name on the paper.”

“I couldn’t make up my mind.  Aunty Janet gave me a card and said I was her valentine, Sam gave me candy and said I was her little man.  Cassie gave me one half of her friendship necklace and told me we would be together forever.”

“I see your problem, buddy,” Jack said trying to sound as devastated as his son looked.  “Hearts are going to break.”

Daniel’s outstretched hand fell to his side and his shoulders slumped.  Fresh tears rolling down his cheek he whispered, “I can’t marry them all, daddy!”



Note:  From the very old Valentines Day tradition of pinning the name of your true love and the one you will marry to a piece of paper on your sleeve, hence the saying of “wearing your heart on your sleeve”.

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