To the Victor, the Spoils
By Eilidh


“No way!”


“You can’t expect me to go out there dressed like…” Jack looked Daniel up and down and tried to sound unimpressed. “Like that.”

“I don’t see the problem.”

Lingering over Daniel’s lean, taut, well oiled body for a few seconds longer, Jack conceded he couldn’t see much of a problem either.  The view was spectacular.

Tapping his foot impatiently, hands planted on hips, Daniel looked down at his groin and frowned.  “It’s the loin cloth, isn’t it?  You don’t like it.”

Not on you.  “I’m not quite ready to unleash my body on an unsuspecting audience.  Might be your style but it’s not mine.”

“I’ve seen it all before, Jack.”

Wanna touch?  “Daniel,” Jack warned.

“It’s a game, Jack, nothing more.  Part of a ritual you agreed we would participate in.”

Jack went for his best indignant scowl.  “An arena full of hot sweaty men all trying to rip our loin cloths off in the name of sealing a trade agreement.  What kind of ritual is that?”  Nope, definitely came out sounding petulant. 

“This is a dominating society based on masculinity and superiority.  It doesn’t matter that we are technologically advanced in comparison, if we want their naqadah, we – the ones who came to trade – have to be seen as kowtowing ritualistically.  It’s a small price to pay.”

“And what’s stopping them once they’ve ripped off our dignity?”


“Nothing, right?  A bit of snatch and tackle?”

Shoulders slumped, Daniel rolled his eyes skywards.  “I don’t think we’re about to become trophy prizes, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“You don’t think?” 

“We won’t, trust me.  I’ve done this kinda thing before.”

You have? Left yourself wide open there, Danny boy.  “Do tell.”

“A fraternity prank, nothing more.  Take the freshmen, dress them in nothing but a scrap of a flag and chase them through the dormitory grounds.”
“And to the victor go the spoils?” Jack said hopefully.

Daniel coughed.

“You were the spoils, right?’

“Eventually.”  Daniel’s voice tapered off and he smiled sheepishly. “When they caught me.”


“I wasn’t complaining.”

“And that won’t be the case here?”  Jack waved his hand towards the milling crowd of similarly dressed men all ogling his archeologist.

“I don’t think so, no.”

“Well,” Jack whispered, leaning in close to Daniel and ripping his loin cloth off in one swift motion.  “Just in case it is, I’m claiming the victory before hand and I’ll collect on the spoils later.”


The End


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