Demassatus - Episode tag for Need. Daniel achieves a milestone on the road to recovery.


I Say Goodbye to You My Friend – Missing scene for Meridian. The simplest of things make saying goodbye so hard.


Veritas - Tag to the Shroud.  You can tell the same truth a hundred time and your story will never change.  But a lie?  A lie becomes twisted and compounded because our ability to remember the lie we first told is caught up in the truth that started it all.


D is for Decision - Jacob and Selmac wrestle with a decision.


The Stuff of Legends - Jonas Quinn finally realizes who Daniel Jackson really is.  Set during Fallen.


A Real Emergency - The SGC and Atlantis have a real emergency on their hands.

What was Lost - The team has to leave behind one of their own.  AU death of a main character.

Three's Company - Stuck in a hole and Daniel is their only hope of rescue.  Humor.

Feeling the Need - Missing scene for Need.  Jack isn't quite sure how to help.

A Matter of Honor - Daniel is set to pay the price of Jack's indiscretion.


Repercussions - Tag to Evolutions II - Facing the repercussions of a mission gone wrong.

Feudal Lies - Daniel's time as an ascended being has brought him to the attention of Lord Yu


Memories of the Moment - Christmas challenge story.  Memories of a Christmas past shared around an off world campfire.  Set in early season 7


Snapshots - A Christmas challenge fic.  The team finds a unique way to trigger the memory of Christmas for Daniel.  Set early season 7.


The Sisters Three - What is it with you and alien women?! 

Crellum Mare 
Story Timeline: Takes place between seasons 8 and 9, but Jack is on this mission.  Allows for some flexibility in the timelines of both SG-1 and SGA, in that SGA’s Letters from Pegasus has taken place during this time and the SGC has received at least preliminary reports from the Atlantis expedition.
Summary: New allies bring with them a potential find of a lifetime in the guise of a planet made by the Ancients.  However, the discovery comes with a hefty price as the shield holding the world together is failing.  Faced with a seemingly insurmountable mission, SG-1 is left to try and save the planet before time runs out.

P is for Patches of Sunshine:  Stranded on an island hit by a tsunami, Daniel and Vala stumble across a familiar object from SG-1's past. Set any time after Flesh and Blood in season 10.

In Those Final Moments:  Sometimes we wish reality was a dream.

Standing Alone:  Arrom does not yet know his place in this village of welcome strangers.

Driving Daniel:  Some recommendations are more trouble than they're worth. Oh, and Vala tries out some new words. Again.

n Desperate Need of a Rescue:  Daniel and Vala. A cave. Words happen that confuse everyone, most especially Daniel.

Quo Vadis:  With no way out and no chance of rescue, it pays to remember that some things are never truly lost.
Balance of Judgment:  Tag to Forever In A Day. Daniel's thoughts during Sha're's funeral rite.

Vala and One of Many Things She Doesn't Understand:  Sometimes explaining things to Vala can be an exercise in frustration. Set in season 10 before Unending.

They Don't Come Back:  Missing scene for Fallen. A quiet moment between Jack and Reynolds.

The Shortest Moment:  Life is lived and lost in a moment of time.

And So It Was Written:  Pure crack!fic! A treaty to be ratified, a ritual to be had, the hills are definitely alive with something Ent-like, and there is a lot of seed to be... read on. Oh, and Jack sings. I did say crack!fic, right?

Five Times SG-1 Left Daniel Offworld:  Quick fiction from a conversation about Daniel's comment at the start of There But For The Grace Of God... about being left behind again. Gen - angst, attempted humor, and AU character death. 5 shorts stories rolled into one.

A Day May Be Too Long:  Daniel and Jack reaffirm their age-old banter battle after Daniel's return from ascension.

Otakai:  A simple case of mistaken identity? A trap is set and Daniel is forced to prove himself to a desperate people.

The Smell of Hot Blood Jack reflects on a mission gone very wrong. Another challenge from the Legends Yahoo list - use the phrase "There's a certain smell to hot blood" in a short story.

Things Left Undone:  Strange how some things become so important when there is no time left. Missing scene for Meridian.

Ammonet – From Sha’re’s POV. A look at the host behind the Goa’uld and how she convinced Ammonet to send Shifu to Kheb.

C is for Crevasse – Daniel, Vala, a crevasse, fanfiction, and a need for naquada powered… read on!

C is for Vala Mal Doran, Contretemps Extraordinaire! – Vala is bored and guess who pays the price! Written for Fig Newton’s Vala Alphabet Soup

Camulus – Tag to “New Order”. Coburn died on a mission several months after helping to rescue Daniel in “The First Ones”, and his body was never recovered. It’s not until the Goa’uld delegation turn up on Earth in “New Order” that the SGC realize what happened to him.

G is for Good Pie – A moment between Jonas and Sam in the commissary. Written for Fig Newton’s Jonas Alphabet Soup.

Generally Jack – Season 8. Jack discovers delegating responsibility doesn’t always work. Humor.

Oh, Just Hangin’ About, Jackson Style – Vala on a ledge, giant spiders, and the threat of imminent death. Just another day at the offworld office.

An Open Journal – In the wake of “Meridian”, Jack finds Daniel’s diary.

Raido – Buried in a cave-in, Daniel has to solve a mystery to escape, while the rest of his team tries desperately to get to him.

Tangled Web – After his return from ascension, Daniel falls prey to a trap. Set in season 7

True Measure – On an offworld dig, Daniel and Jack find themselves kidnapped by an old acquaintance. Set in Season 7
Vala Unbound – How exactly did Vala end up in the Super Soldier’s suit? A prequel to “Prometheus Unbound”

The Walked Path – Teal’c reflects on a gift given freely.

When Nothing Should Survive – Post “Chimera”. Sarah admits her hatred for the man she loves.

Z is for Zeus – SG-1 have been captured by Zeus and need to figure their way out of their holding cell.

Kid fic

Galactic Nursery - Daniel goes missing during a mission and gets himself into some ‘little’ trouble.


The Endless Memory - When does the punishment fit the crime? Trapped in an endless memory, Daniel's only chance of survival rests with Jack.


Time and Motion - Daniel solves an age old puzzle with disastrous consequences


Where There's a Will – Daniel runs afoul of a colony of tricksters. 


Tears of the Ancients- Daniel's family tree just got a little more complicated.


Rashna's Pots - Sequel to Tears of the Ancient - An off world accident reveals more of Daniel's Ancient past.


The Trouble with Tradition - Daniel discovers the perils of keeping up with traditions.

Dr. Jackson, PhD - Aged 8 - Jack receives a phone call from Daniel's teacher.

When Your Time Has Come - Jack farewells another child.  Warning: Character death

Come and Play - Jack discovers Daniel has an imaginary friend.

Innocent Blood – On a routine mission, SG-1 runs afoul of the Yahtepec, a culture whose roots are embedded in the Aztec culture. Daniel is kidnapped and downsized to be sacrificed to their gods in accordance with their tradition of child sacrifices. The rest of his team are left in a frantic race to find him before the unthinkable is done.

Alterius – SG-1 come across a world with unusual ties to the Ancients.

NOTE:  Alterius is Part 3 of the Tears of the Ancients series.  1: Tears of the Ancients 2: Rashna's Pots  3: Alterius


Never Again - One archeologist and one booby-trap equals disaster.


The First Sign of Madness - Jack thinks he’s going mad.  Daniel is trying to prove that he’s not.


To the Victor, the Spoils - Jack's thoughts during an off world game.

Zero Plus One Night:  Home after Zero Hour. Questions to be asked and some catching up to be had.

The Flame:  Gifts not given to mere mortals.

Pendulum:  Found, lost, and found again. Some memories are worth remembering. Set just after Season 7's Homecoming.

Quiet Retreat:  Daniel needs some time to himself. Set after Season 10's The Shroud.

Those Moments:  Very, very mild slash. Two stories - Living the Moment and Alive in the Moment - that cover Jack and Daniel's relationship in season one and season seven. A look at love once had, then lost, and found again. Written for the 2012 JD Ficathon.

What Price A Soul:  Some pain is measured by more than what is lost.


All This Love:  A selection of moments in time with Daniel and Vala, from the funny, the serious, and sometimes the sad. Written for the Fruitcake Exchange on LiveJournal. Total D/V with mentions of possible J/D, S/T, and solo-Cam.