A Matter of Timing - Things didn’t turn out as expected and Daniel suffers the consequences.  Was it a matter of timing?


Beautiful Distraction - Is it actually possible for Daniel to even get in trouble in a mall?


Snake Thwacking - Jack's secret-weapon.  


The Disrobement of Daniel Jackson - Written just after reading Michael’s final blog.


Eternal Wish- None for you. J This is maybe a tag for Chimera


Death and Taxes - A team member is hesitant about a mission through the gate

Decoy - Sometimes the cost of the game is too much.

A Good Feeling - Challenge/ Summary: Challenge #31 - The joy of watching Cassie play. .


A Moment with Cassie - I wrote this for another word prompt challenge using the words: bitch, hell, and roadhouse.  I turned rather unfetching words into a sentimental SG-1moment.


Balance of Power - moments related to changes in the balance of power later in the series


Because - Jack's thoughts.   I always wondered why Jack didn't tear Daniel asunder for his
actions in this ep.  I would have.


Bored out of his Skull-y - Challenge: For LD only - take the following words and put them into a drabble or ficlet - Amply, Ancienty, Avanlancy, Afooty.  Bonus word: Appaly


By the Pricking of my Thumb - Daniel is the target.


Coffee Battle- This is the military. We always have more than we need / Jack needs coffee. 


Easter Gone Bad - Pastels, brrrrrr.

Elephant Tasting - Jack makes a deal. 


First Base - A night of loss at Jack's or maybe a lost cause.


Feed Me - Dr. Lee and Jack work together on a dangerous weapon.


Hammond's Guilty Pleasure - Title is self-explanatory


Grinch Whodunnit - Jack swears it was the Grinch.  What does Daniel know that Jack doesn't and how is Teal'c involved?



The Love Letter - Daniel gets a letter that Jack decides to read.


Sentry - Tag to Out of Mind and Into the Fire.  Some hurt/comfort for our boys.


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