Tears, Yes - If this conversation actually happened, it would go a long way to explaining the breakdown of the Jack and Daniel friendship towards the end of Season 4. If you’re a huge Jack/Sam fan, you might want to give this one a skip.


The Beginning of Healing - The repercussions of what took place in Hathor


Dreamer of the Day - Tag to Absolute Power


The Bridge -This story takes place between “Maternal Instinct” and “The Crystal Skull” in Season Four.


Holding My Breath - Daniel begins to disappear from team interactions leading to feelings of failure. During "Summit" and "Last Stand," why did SG-1 stand by quietly while he went off alone on such a dangerous mission? Why didn't they care? Why didn't he?


The Strength to Fall -Tag to Evolutions, Season 7

Broken Ground - Missing Scenes for “New Ground” Torture comes in many forms.


Achieving Balance - Takes place immediately after “The Devil You Know” SG-1 redefines “all for one and one for all.”


A Life's Worth - Missing scenes from Heroes. We cannot decide who lives, who dies – a true memorial exists in a life well lived.


Comfort Food - Tag for Moebius Pt 2, end of season eight. It feels like the end.


Unofficial Moral Officer - Early Season Two, Jack accesses his inner morale officer when the team is imprisoned on an alien world.


Petty Needs - When Teal’c flatly refuses to see to the “petty needs” of the Goa’uld during the meeting with the Asgard, Daniel steps in. But Jack knows it just isn’t that easy.


On the Other Side - Tag to “The Other Side” Which side is Daniel on?  Who put him there?


Unwinding the Cloth- My take on the Writers/Readers Challenge on Stargatedrabbles. Daniel the Prior has wrenched control from the anti-prior device, beamed Woolsey to the SGC and beamed Jack up onto the Odyssey where he is alone on the bridge.


A Loss of the Same Size - Missing scene for “The Enemy Within.”  Takes place before the episode begins.


A Terrible, Terrible Coincidence - Warning - Jonas Death-fic. Read with tongue firmly in cheek.


Chasing Oblivion - Set soon after The Curse


Second Impressions -:Missing scenes between Children of the Gods Parts 1 and 2.
Warnings: These characters have not yet settled into their familiar niches, they don’t know one another.  Be advised you might not like everything they do or think.


Anthropology 101 -: Tag for Emancipation


Reflecting Dark - Tag to The Broca Divide Warning: Nasty, dark alpha-male behavior ahead


Letting Go – This begins just as Holding My Breath ends. If you haven’t read that one first, you may want to. This will include the thoughts and feelings of the team during Daniel’s undercover assignment at the System Lord summit during Season 5′s “Last Stand”.

A Fine Aim – Set after “Learning Curve” in Season Three. Jack is not quite over what happened to the children on Orban when the team gates through to a new world. Written for the Screen Cap Challenge on Stargate Legends.

Never Trust a Smiling Alien – Written for Aris Boch Day on Stargatedrabbles!  Must pick a color to wear and some ritual observances for this new holiday!

Renaissance – A series of fics beginning at Daniel’s descent back to Earth from the Ascended Plane. Chapter by chapter, these fics, about 1000 words each, beginning with “A”, will explore Daniel’s attempt to regain his memories, his mortal existence, and his place within the SGC and on SG-1. Written for the Alphabet Challenge on the Stargate Drabbles List.
Warnings: Angst/Emotional Whump/Memories of Death.



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