More First Times

Colonel Jack O'Neill and Doctor Daniel Jackson emerged from the elevator. The former looked relieved, as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders, whereas the latter looked dazed. Both were flushed. Thirty minutes trapped in an elevator and their lives had been irrevocably changed. Mutual sexual attraction had been confessed and embraced. They walked silently to the exit, Jack nodding politely to people they passed, Daniel fixating on the floor.
"I hope it wasn't too much of an ordeal for you, sirs," the security guard said, saluting Jack.
"We managed, Sergeant, thank you," Jack replied, "but God knows what would've happened if we'd been in there much longer." The guard smiled and Daniel flushed even more as he rifled through his pockets searching for his ID card.
The guard leaned in and whispered conspiratorially, "Talked your ear off, did he, sir?"
Jack smiled. Nibbled would be more accurate. "At least it was in English," he whispered back good-naturedly.
The guard laughed and said, "Have a good night, Colonel, Dr. Jackson."
Daniel glanced up quickly. "Um, thank you, Michael," he replied, swiping his card and hurrying to the exit, leaving Jack in his wake.
Daniel's obvious nervousness and discomfort mystified the sergeant and he looked at Jack questioningly.
"Allergies and enclosed spaces," Jack said simply, shaking his head, "not a good combination."
"Oh, of course. How could I forget?" Daniel Jackson's allergies were legendary. "Fresh air will soon have him feeling right. It's a beautiful day, sir."
"Yes, it is." At least it was. Second thoughts already, Danny?
Jack caught up with Daniel outside. "Hey, what was that all about?"
"What was what all about?" Daniel said defensively.
"The 'deer in the headlights' act."
"I don't know what you're talking about." Lame, Jackson. Really lame.
"Don't give me that crap, Daniel."
Daniel sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "I don't know. It seemed like everyone was staring at us."
"No one was staring, and even if they were, so what?"
"I suddenly felt like I was naked or something."
"Forget the something, naked will do nicely," Jack teased.
"It's not funny, Jack. What if we had been caught?" Daniel said anxiously.
"We were caught," Jack shrugged. Five minutes ago you didn't seem to care.
Daniel blushed as the image of Teal'c watching them, while they were engaged in performing tonsillectomy by tongue, flashed in his mind.
Jack put his hands in his pockets. Damn it, Daniel. Keep blushing like that and these pants are going to get damned uncomfortable.
"What it if had been someone else? My God, if word got out-"
"It wasn't someone else so why dwell on it?" Jack interrupted.
Daniel stared at Jack then shook his head and walked away.
"Where are you going?" Jack called.
Daniel stopped and turned, a determined set to his face. "To my car."
"No way. You're not driving, not with those headaches."
"I'm fine, Jack," Daniel said, glancing around furtively.
Damn it, Daniel. You look like a scared rabbit.
"Come on, I'll drive you home. You need to rest."
Daniel hesitated and Jack said irritably, "For crying out loud, Daniel! We carpool all the time. No one's going to think I'm jumping your friggin' bones."
Daniel flinched like he'd been struck and Jack closed his eyes. Crap. He opened them to an obviously upset Daniel Jackson and he felt like shit.
"I'm sorry, Daniel. That was stupid and crass. Just let me take you home," Jack said sincerely. "Please, Danny. Those ribbon devices give me the creeps."
Daniel contemplated Jack's request. He knew he was being paranoid and he really didn't want to blow this. Jack's admission of love was a dream come true even though it scared the hell out of him. His posture relaxed and he held Jack's concerned gaze. "I'd rather go to your place, if that's okay," he said, his eyes bright and uncertain.
"Of course it's okay." Jack reached out to clap Daniel on the shoulder but redirected his arm to check his watch instead. Daniel was on edge and Jack had no wish to antagonize him further. However, the loss of a once everyday gesture was painful, and Jack wondered if maybe he should have kept his mouth shut. "It's about four hours before dinner," he said casually. "Do you want to grab something to eat on the way?"
Oh, this is going to be a fun evening, Jack thought miserably as they walked silently to his car.
Daniel walked with his hands in his pockets and his head down. His emotions were in turmoil. Ten minutes ago he was all over Jack, and as Jack said, 'God knows what would have happened' if the elevator had remained inoperative. Now, he felt like he just hit a brick wall. Questions assailed his mind. What happens now? Where do we go from here? Where can we go? How far is Jack willing to go? How far am I willing to go?
Jack glanced sideways at Daniel and frowned. Crap. He's gone. He's thinking too much. He's going to analyze everything to shit. Damn it, Daniel, can't you just accept it?
Daniel got into Jack's car and glued his face to the side window. Jack sighed and drove out of the lot. The unnatural stillness and silence of Daniel got to Jack after five minutes.
"Did I make a mistake?" he asked, dismayed at the desperation in his voice.
Daniel glanced quickly at Jack. The older man was staring straight ahead, his jaw clenched.
"I don't know," Daniel murmured. "Maybe…no. No. I'm sorry, Jack. It's just...a lot to absorb, you know?"
"It's okay, Daniel. Maybe I should've waited until you were feeling better." Damn it to hell. I waited too long. Denied too long.
"I mean, well, there have been times when I was sure you couldn't even stand the sight of me." The genuine dismay on Jack's face emboldened Daniel. "To be honest Jack, I thought you and Sam-"
"There's nothing going on with me and Carter," Jack said urgently.
Daniel glanced out the side window as Jack gripped the wheel just a little tighter. He looked back and asked, "How long did you wait?"
"A long time," Jack answered quietly.
Daniel studied his friend's face and nodded. "Me too," he said softly. Daniel was pleased to see Jack's shoulders relax. Jack's face softened and warm brown eyes turned to face him.
"We can talk about it, if you like," Jack offered.
Daniel flashed a heart-melting smile and said, "You hate talking about that stuff."
Jack nodded and directed his eyes back to the road. "Yeah, well, some things are worth talking about."
Daniel considered Jack's words and said, "Let's skip the burgers."
"Daniel, you need to eat," Jack said gruffly.
"We can make something at home-um-I mean, at your house," Daniel corrected, embarrassed by his slip of the tongue.
Home. Oh God, Danny. If wishes were horses.
"Daniel," Jack said softly, "you know my house has always been a second home for you." Except when I've been a shitforbrains asshole which has been way too often.
"Thanks," Daniel murmured, his eyes shimmering.
Oh God, those eyes. Jack shifted in his seat. Think of Maybourne naked. Oh yeah, that's better. Things are under control now.
A soft chuckle got Jack's attention. He looked suspiciously at Daniel. "What?"
"Nothing," Daniel smiled, "it's just that you look like you just ate a lemon."
"I wish. No, just something I thought of," Jack said shuddering.
"I hope it wasn't me," Daniel said warily.
Jack looked at Daniel and was surprised at the serious in his friend's expression. You just don't get it, do you Daniel?
Jack abruptly pulled over to the side of the road.
"Daniel," he said, twisting in the seat, "what happened back in that elevator was a fantasy come true, only way better than any fantasy. Now, trust me, you don't want to know what I was thinking about. But believe me, if I hadn't been thinking about it, you'd be flat on your back right now with my tongue down your throat. Understand?"
Daniel nodded mutely.
"All right," Jack said and pulled back onto the road.
"Can you drive faster?"
Jack glanced sharply at Daniel and grinned widely at the twinkling blue eyes. Oh, you're a wicked one, aren't you?
"Nope. Don't want to end up in jail," he said.
"No," Daniel agreed. "whatever would we do cooped up together in a cramped, tiny cell?"
Forget wicked, he's downright sadistic. Maybourne naked. Maybourne naked.
"You're doing it again," Daniel chided.
"That lemony thing."
"Shut up."
Daniel chuckled and settled back for the ride, determined not to question his good fortune. At least, not now.
After a few minutes, Jack stole a glance at his friend and, if there is a God, lover. Daniel's face looked so young, relaxed and innocent. His eyes were closed. His long lashes curving seductively...Crap.
"Daniel!" Jack said loudly.
Daniel jumped. "What?"
"Tell me the history of Isis and Osiris."
"What?" he asked incredulously.
"Tell me the history of Isis and Osiris," Jack repeated patiently.
"Oh yeah." Trust me.
"Well, if you're sure," Daniel said, sitting up straight.
Immediately, Daniel launched into a non-stop narrative which was still going strong even after they entered Jack's house. Jack shook his head. Incredible. The man must breathe through his asshole.
The words kept on coming so Jack leaned in and clamped his mouth over Daniel's.
"Mmph," came the muffled response.
Jack pulled back and gazed fondly at the now silent archaeologist.
"Shut up?" Daniel ventured.
"Just for a little while," Jack whispered, his arms enveloping Daniel as he leaned in once more, eager for another taste of that incredible mouth.
This time Daniel was ready and his tongue wrapped around Jack's. Daniel moaned in pleasure. The kiss was just as intoxicating as the first time. More so, in fact, because he was in comfortable surroundings and no one was going to show up in the doorway. The kiss was long, deep and sensuous. When they parted, two pairs of shining eyes shone at one another.
Jack kissed Daniel on the nose and said reluctantly, "You really need to eat something."
The wicked gleam in Daniel's eyes shocked and delighted Jack. Oh, there is a God.
"I'm talking tuna sandwiches, Daniel," he said firmly.
Daniel brushed his fingers down the side of Jack's face. "Okay, but you better tell me about that lemon thing first," he whispered before grinding his engorged penis into Jack's equally aroused member.
Jack whimpered and rocked his pelvis in rhythm to Daniel's. "To hell with lemons," he croaked, "and to hell with tuna."
Daniel's hands swept down Jack's back and grasped his buttocks, squeezing the firm cheeks while he thrust. Jack held on to Daniel like his life depended on it. He knew he couldn't stop the orgasm so he didn't even try. It was quick, intense and thorough. They shuddered in each other's arms, faces wet from exertion and tears of bliss. They held onto each other for a long, long time before they finally pulled apart.
"Hope I left some spare clothes here," Daniel murmured, blushing slightly.
"Sorry," Jack said sheepishly. "I wanted our first time to be..." he shrugged helplessly.
Jack nodded then grinned at the rapt, sated expression of his lover. "It was pretty special, wasn't it?"
Daniel beamed in response and Jack crushed him lovingly to his chest. I must be the luckiest bastard in the universe.
"Every first is special," he murmured into Jack's neck. "That first time in the elevator." He nibbled Jack's neck. "This first time in the hallway." Nibble and lick. "The first time in the kitchen." Nibble and suck.
Jack chuckled in delight as Daniel tickled and talked his way to the other side of his neck. Never, in his wildest dreams, did he envision his Daniel to be so erotic. The scenarios were endless. Bed. Shower. Living room. Sink.
"Sink?" Jack gasped, finally finding his voice. Jack stared at Daniel, at the image of a naked Daniel in all his glory, perched on the sink, legs splayed…
"Definitely the sink," Jack moaned as his cock throbbed once again for attention.
"Tuna first?" Daniel teased, unzipping Jack's fly and dipping his long fingers into Jack's briefs to caress the velvety thickness trapped within.
The touch of someone else's fingers on his groin had always given him shivers. The touch of Daniel's fingers was electric. "Danny," Jack groaned, desperately thrusting into his lover's willing hand.
Daniel slid a finger over the weeping head before sweeping down to grasp and fondle Jack's balls. "How about the bed first?" he whispered as he began to tug his victim towards the bedroom and the incredible delights that awaited.
"Bed's good," Jack agreed hoarsely as his mouth blindly sought the hot depths of Daniel's.
First time, hundredth time, thousandth time. Jack knew that every damned one of them would be special.
The end

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