The Morning After


Jack O’Neill awoke to the soft twittering of birds and a gentle breeze wafting through the window.  He slowly opened his eyes and turned his head, gazing fondly at the sleeping man beside him.  He rolled over gently and tenderly kissed the exposed back.  Tears of joy stung his eyes as he draped his arm over his friend and lover, Daniel Jackson.  He snuggled up close, holding the man possessively to his chest.

Daniel murmured something unintelligible and burrowed his backside into Jack’s groin.

Perfect fit, Jack thought, closing his eyes with a contented sigh.  They had the day off so there was no hurry to get out of bed.  Jack was content to revel in his new found love, breathing in Daniel’s scent and the scent of their lovemaking.  Definitely got to do laundry today, Jack thought sleepily.  He unconsciously embraced Daniel tighter as if to assure himself that this was real.  He smiled when he felt the unmistakable stirrings of life from his ‘nether region’.  Jack tried to ignore his rather persistent body part but it felt so good and the young man in his arms felt even better.  Without even realizing it Jack began to rock gently against his lover, kissing and tasting the sweet, salty flesh.  A gentle sigh escaped from Daniel’s lips and Jack slid his hand down to Daniel’s groin, shivering at the feel of the semi-rigid cock. 

“My turn,” Jack whispered huskily into Daniel’s ear before scooting down to coax the awakening organ into full arousal.  He gently rolled the sleeping man over to allow full and unimpeded access to his target.

Daniel moaned and half-opened his eyes.  Something felt really, really good.  Sinfully good.  His eyes widened.  Oh my God.  Jack’s going down on me. Daniel went rock hard at the sight of his penis disappearing into Jack’s mouth again and again.

Jack felt his lover’s length harden and opened his eyes to gaze into the astonished blue orbs watching him with fascination.  The lust in Daniel’s eyes sent shock waves straight to Jack’s groin.  He released his slippery prize and slid forward, his own hardened cock pressing pleasurably into the firm, lithe body.  He smiled tenderly at the fleeting shadow of dismay that passed over Daniel’s face at the sudden loss of contact.  Jack kissed Daniel gently on the lips and then propped the pillows behind the younger man.

“Better vantage point,” he whispered.

Daniel arched underneath him and his hand reached down to grasp Jack’s penis.  Jack moaned and allowed himself a few seconds to enjoy the sensation before gently but firmly removing the talented hand.

“I’ll never last, Danny and I want this to be special.  You just enjoy,” he said throatily as he slid back down to the abandoned, but definitely not forgotten, fleshy delight.

Daniel sucked in a breath as Jack’s eager mouth once again engulfed his throbbing heat.  Mesmerized, he watched as Jack licked, sucked and stroked him with abandon.  Up until now, Daniel had taken the initiative in their lovemaking.  Jack was definitely making up for it now.  Daniel had thought that maybe Jack was squeamish about oral sex.  He was delighted to have thought wrong but he wasn’t sure how far Jack could or would take this.

“J-Jack,” he panted.  “I-I’m going to come.  I can’t stop,” he said desperately.  “Oh God,” he gasped as Jack’s mouth clamped down harder on his straining cock.  He dug his hands into Jack’s shoulders, losing his struggle to watch his lover as his eyes rolled back in their sockets.

“Ohgodohgodohgod…Jack!” he yelled as his seed pulsed forth.

Jack could feel Daniel coming and if he thought that was a turn on, hearing Daniel cry his name in ecstasy sent him flying over the edge.  He cried out, losing some of Daniel’s semen while his own spurted onto himself and the sleek body writhing beneath him.  Jesus, you’re going to kill me, Daniel. Trembling, he slid up and collapsed next to Daniel, burying his head in the young man’s neck.  He felt Daniel’s hand grasp his limp cock and he groaned.

“Not a chance in hell, Danny.”

The hand stilled and the saddest sounding words assaulted Jack’s ears.

“I’m sorry.”

Jack’s eyes snapped open.

“Sorry?  For what?”

“You didn’t come,” Daniel said softly.

“Didn’t…Jesus, Daniel,” he said slapping the young man’s sticky thighs, “You think this is all yours?”

Daniel gazed confusedly at Jack and the older man laughed.

“Danny, when I heard you call my name…well, I was a goner.”


“Really,” he said, moving in for a sweet kiss.

Daniel threw his arms around Jack and hugged him fiercely.

“Hey, what’s all this?”  Jack chuckled.

Daniel’s response was to tighten his grasp, an action almost desperate in its intensity.

Suddenly, Jack understood.  Daniel was scared, scared that it would be over all too soon.  That some tragic circumstance would intervene to destroy their new found love.  Afraid that their dangerous occupations would end in disaster for them both, or, God forbid, one of them.

“I know, Danny,” Jack whispered, holding him tight.  “It scares me too.”

Daniel buried his face in Jack’s chest, hot tears trickling onto the wiry hair.  Jack gently grasped the back of Daniel’s head, massaging gently with his fingers. 

Daniel relaxed in Jack’s arms, sniffed and mumbled, “Sorry.”

“Shh,” Jack soothed, kissing the top of Daniel’s head.

Eventually, Daniel looked up into his lover’s brown eyes and said soulfully, “You really need to shower.”

Jack smiled slowly and then tried to rub his armpit in Daniel’s face much to the younger man’s dismay.

“God, Jack, that’s disgusting,” he laughed, struggling to free himself.

“Speaking of disgusting, take a whiff of yourself.”

“Point taken,” Daniel grinned, sitting up.  “You go first and I’ll put on the coffee.”

“Okay,” Jack agreed, admiring Daniel’s naked body as he slipped out of the bed.

Daniel saw the lustful gaze and gave a playful swish of his hips.

Jack shook his head.  What am I getting myself into?

Jack had a quick shave and then stepped into the shower.  He felt like he’d been reborn even before the hot, cleansing spray hit his skin.  He and Daniel.  He couldn’t keep the silly grin off his face. The SGC’s never gonna be the same. Nagging thoughts of reality began to invade Jack’s blissful mind.  Things really would be different and they were going to have to deal with that pretty damn quick.  He scrubbed his body vigorously, suddenly disappointed that he was doing this alone.  After all, this was their first-

“Jesus!  Damn it, Daniel!  Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

“You didn’t think I’d let you shower alone, did you?”  Daniel purred as he slid his arms around Jack’s waist, pushing his pelvis in snugly.

Jack grinned and twisted around in his lover’s arms.  He captured the teasing lips and took a long, sweet drink from the trough.

“Mmm,” he said, pulling back, “now get that dirty mind and body of yours under the shower.”

Daniel grinned and ducked under the shower.  Jack grabbed the bar of soap and proceeded to fulfill another private fantasy.

Daniel moaned in pleasure as Jack methodically and lovingly lathered him up, lingering in all the right places.  Inevitably, Jack ended up rather soapy himself but he was definitely not going to complain.  They kept their mutual arousal at a simmer, both knowing intuitively that they wouldn’t be able to keep the heat turned up indefinitely.  They were only human, after all.

“You know, showers at the SGC are never going to be the same,” Daniel said softly, sucking on a hard nipple.

“I’m counting on it,” Jack groaned.

Daniel looked up and frowned.  “You know we can’t-“

“Yeah, yeah, but I can dream, can’t I?”  he teased, hugging his young lover tightly.

“Only if I’m in them,” Daniel replied, licking Jack’s neck.

“Always,” Jack whispered.

Daniel smiled and nipped at the older man’s neck.  “Jack?”


“Is the water getting cooler?”

Jack pulled back and cocked his head as if listening.

“Yep, definitely getting-shit!”

“Damn, that’s cold!”  Daniel yelped, jumping back from the spray.  “Shut it off!”

“I am, I am,” Jack grumbled, braving the cold jets.

Daniel stared at Jack and then turned away abruptly, vainly stifling a laugh.


Daniel gestured helplessly with his hand and Jack looked down and reddened.

“It’s called shrinkage, Daniel,” he said indignantly, snatching a towel from the rack.

“I know.  I’m sorry,” Daniel gasped.  “It just-it just happened so fast.”

“Well, you’re no P-90 yourself, right now,” he groused.

“Jack, really, I’m sorry,” Daniel said contritely.

“Whatever,” Jack grumbled, toweling himself off.

“No, here, let me do that,” Daniel said, tugging at the towel.  “Please.”

Jack looked doubtfully at the contrite archaeologist but he couldn’t resist the Jackson charm and he relinquished his grip on the towel.

Daniel smiled and lovingly began to pat the older man dry.

“Remarkable regenerative capacity, Colonel,” he murmured approvingly as Jack’s cock came out to play.

“Sweet talk will get you everything.”

Before Daniel could respond, his stomach growled alarmingly, only to be echoed by Jack’s.

“I guess we have other needs to attend to,” Jack grinned.

Daniel sighed in mock defeat and let Jack finish toweling himself dry while he grabbed another towel for himself.

“Turn around,” Jack ordered.

Daniel turned and Jack snagged the towel out of his hands.  “You always miss a spot, right down here,” he said, zeroing in on Daniel’s lower back.  “Drives me nuts.”

Daniel chuckled and looked back over his shoulder.  “Sha’re used to say the same-” Daniel stopped and faced forward, his eyes downcast.

“Sorry,” he mumbled.

“Don’t, Daniel,” Jack whispered, placing his hands firmly on Daniel’s shoulders.  “Don’t ever apologize for loving Sha’re.”

Daniel breathed out deeply and nodded.  “It’s just that…sometimes…something reminds me of her and I miss her so much.”

“I know,” Jack said, patting him lightly on the back.  “I don’t delude myself into thinking I can take her place.  I would never do that to you, Daniel.  I know that if Sha’re walked through that door you’d-“

“No,” Daniel said, whirling around.  “God, no.  I love you, Jack and I will not give you up for anything.”

Stunned by the defiance in Daniel’s voice and eyes, Jack stepped back.

“Or anyone,” Daniel whispered.

“Daniel,” Jack said, words failing him.

“Jack, Sha’re was a gift, in more ways than one, and I will treasure the year we had together forever.”  Daniel looked away, frustrated with his emotions.  He looked back and cupped Jack’s face in his hands.

“What I’m trying to say, Jack, is that I chose you and if I’m honest with myself it was a long time ago.”  Daniel gazed intently into Jack’s eyes.  “I want to make love to you.  I want to grow old with you.  I want to die with you,” he whispered.  “And whatever happens after that, I want it to be with you.”

Jack’s eyes filled with tears and his throat closed up.

“Danny,” he choked, hugging him fiercely, his hot tears burning the young man’s neck.

They clung to each other, the moment broken when their stomachs, once again, voiced their displeasure.  Chuckling self-consciously, they pulled apart.  Jack wiped his tears off Daniel’s neck and whispered, “I love you, too.”

“Love me enough to let me wear your clothes?”  Daniel asked demurely.

“I love you enough to let you wear me, I think I can handle clothes,” Jack grinned.

Daniel blushed and wrapped the towel around his hips.  God, I can’t believe that made me blush after what we’ve just done.

Jack drank in the sight of his blushing archaeologist.  Hell, who needs Viagra when you’ve got Daniel Jackson.

With a concerted effort, Jack reined in his amorous feelings.  “Then we’ll get some coffee into you.  I can’t have you bailing out on me later using a caffeine headache as an excuse,” he said as he went to retrieve some clothes.

Daniel chuckled and finished toweling himself dry.

“Do you want pancakes?”  Jack asked, yelling from the bedroom.

“With blackberries?”

“If you like.”

“Mmmm.  Marry me, Jack?”  Daniel called impishly.

Jack came back with an armful of clothes, his expression serious.

“Already have, Danny.”

Daniel stared, his heart swelling to bursting point.

“We’re really doing this,” he whispered reverently.

“We’re really doing it,” Jack confirmed.


“Yeah, wow.”


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Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. This is a parody for entertainment purposes only. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author. This story may not be posted anywhere without the consent of the author.