A Christmas Wish -  Daniel is having a bad day and Jack tries to help.

A New Start - Daniel helps Jack come to terms with their new lives as robots.  Missing/tag for Tin Man.

A New Understanding -Jack's encounter with his robot double has him assessing his friendship with Daniel  Missing/tag for Double Jeopardy. 

Almost There - Daniel helps an injured Jack home.

Another Avocado Story -: Jack teaches Daniel a lesson.  This is a response to a challenge to use an avocado in a story.

Another Crappy Day - SG-1 has a crappy day, and Jack and Daniel take the brunt.

Another Loss -: Rothman's death affects Daniel and Jack.  Missing/tag for The First Ones.

Ansuz - Jack and Daniel come to terms with their actions on Cimmeria. Missing scene for Thor’s Hammer.

Conspiracy -: Daniel accompanies SG-2 off-world and becomes implicated in murder.

Conundrum -: Jack needs help and Daniel reciprocates.

Cruising - Jack and Daniel help Sam plan a vacation and go along for the ride.

Daniel’s Lesson - Jack is bored and Daniel suffers.

Deception - Daniel goes undercover to diffuse a deadly situation on a benign planet.

Eyes of Blue - Daniel sees more than he bargained for on a routine mission.

Fall-out - After killing Reece, Jack tries to make things right with Daniel.  Tag for Menace.

Fragments - Daniel has trouble adjusting to post-ascension.

Getting To Know You - With the help of Machello's device, Jack and Daniel look at things through different eyes.  Missing scene for Holiday.

Going Back - Missing /Tag for Need.  Daniel goes back to P3R 636 and runs into some difficulty.

Going Home - Missing scene for Fallen.  It’s Jack’s lucky day.

Hard Choices - Missing scene/Tag for Menace.  After the destruction of Reece, Daniel temporarily joins another SG team in an attempt to distance himself from the android and Jack.

Jack’s Lesson - Daniel gets a little revenge. Sequel to Daniel's Lesson.

The Last Dance - New friendships are forged and old ones strengthened as Jack helps an injured Daniel survive on an alien planet.

Left Behind -:  Missing scenes and tag for Fire and Water.  Can’t say much more.

Priceless -  Waiting for rescue that neither expects, Jack and Daniel share a few thoughts.

Seven Days - Daniel helps Jack come to terms with recent events, and Jack reciprocates in kind.

Small Comforts - Missing/tag for Nemesis and Small Victories.  Daniel attempts to deal with his part in the war against the Replicators.

That’s What We Do - A virtual reality game affects more than the players.  Missing scene/tag for Avatar

The Price of Knowledge - Jack rescues Daniel and brings him home.  A missing scene and tag for Evolution 2.
The Promise -Jack makes a promise to Daniel.

The Test - As Daniel recovers from a disastrous mission, Jack tried to define their relationship.

Time-out - Missing scene for The Entity.  Sam's condition brings Jack and Daniel to an understanding.

Together - Missing scene/tag to Legacy.  Jack and Daniel try to deal with the aftermath of Daniel's incarceration.

True Function - Jack's actions to save the Enkarans follow him home.  Daniel tries to help. Tag to Scorched Earth.

True Nature - Tag for Absolute Power.  Jack and Daniel talk after Shifu’s departure.

Waiting - An injured Jack and Daniel wait for rescue.

Welcome Back - Daniel returns to the SGC.  This is a follow-up to Going Home.  



First Time - After Daniel's encounter with Osiris, Jack finally makes his feelings known. First story in the First Times series.

More First Times - Jack and Daniel take their first kiss just a little bit further. Second story in the First Times series.

First Night - Jack has second thoughts.  Third story in the First Times series.

The Morning After - Jack and Daniel in love.  Fourth story in the First Times series.

Waiting, Again - Daniel waits with an injured Jack.  Some references to the gen fic, Waiting.

Now That I Have Your Attention -Daniel inadvertently reveals his feelings for Jack.

Night Tremors - Daniel agonizes over his relationship with Jack.

Unburdened -   An off-world accident brings Jack and Daniel closer in more ways than one.

The Invitation - An invitation to dinner, along with some Jaffa help, may be the impetus Daniel needs to declare his feelings to Jack.

The Cabin - Daniel, seeking answers, joins Jack at his cabin.

Ten Years - After Daniel’s brush with the Ori, Jack returns to Stargate Command.

Revelations - A trio of stories depicting the evolution of Jack and Daniel’s relationship.  The first two are gen, but you can see slash potential if you're looking.

Memories and Consequences - Jack learns from Daniel that a recent mission was anything but routine

Epiphanies - A failed mission has unexpected revelations for Jack.

Come What May - Daniel decides to take the bull by the horns.

Campfire Musings - Jack tries to figure out what's troubling Daniel.

Believe in Miracles - Jack’s suppressed feelings towards Daniel jeopardize their friendship.



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