And Angels Sing - When SG1 visits Kelowna again, Daniel is taken into custody. PG13


At the End of All Things - Daniel is being used by aliens to take over the galaxy, the team must somehow save him and Earth.


Devoured - Only pain can save Daniel ~ Can his team put him through the ultimate pain to save him?


No Silent Solitude is This - Daniel and Vala discuss the consequences of what they learned in Atlantis, Season 10 Spoilers, Daniel/Vala, Rating PG

Purgatory's Gate - Sequel to "The Well of Souls" - the team returns to the planet where Daniel and Sam were trapped only to be haunted by something far worse than their memories. Rating R - Violence, Angst, Very Disturbing images


The Consequences of Friendship - When is the definition of family dangerous? Sam and Daniel find out.

The Middle Path - Daniel walks the path of suffering toward enlightenment.

The Negotiator - The negotiations break down, the team breaks a part and Daniel might not survive, Rating R Warning: Disturbing images, Violence, Danny Whumpage

The Safe House -When Daniel witnesses a murder and Sam makes a crucial mistake, Daniel is taken to a safe house which is not safe.

The Thorn Beast - After Daniel gets poisoned by a savage beast, the team struggles to save him.


The Well of Souls - A fall puts Daniel and Sam in a tight situation of life and death.

SurrenderingDaniel suffers through memories of what happened to him.


Flying Monkeys - Daniel and Jack are abducted by sadistic aliens, and there is only one way out.

The Hanged Man - After Jack does the unthinkable, he suffers the consequences.


The Soul's Fate - The aftereffects of what happened to Daniel


The Scarf - Daniel deals with the loss of Vala after the beach head. Rating G

Welcome to the Mad House - Daniel wakes up to find that his life is not what it seemed after the Machello Goa’uld killing device


An Innocent Man - Mitchell confronts what happened in The Quest Part II


The Conversation - Jack and Daniel discuss the search and rescue (or lack thereof) for Daniel when he was abducted by Replicator Sam. Rating-PG for language

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